Wedding Dress Shopping and GLOW RETREAT 2015 Friday Night Welcome Dinner!

August 11, 2015 -
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Helloooo everyone!! I am still on cloud 9 from this years Glow Retreat in Cape Cod over the weekend.


These amazing women filled my heart completely full this weekend. Unfortunately we are missing our girl Katie as she had personal reasons she could not make it. We love her so much & felt her spirit with us all weekend.

I’m going to split my recap up into 3 parts to cover the 3 days..and to make it an easier read than overloading you with about 5833809 pictures in one post.

This weekend started last Thursday with a “accomplish as much as possible while you’re mom is in town” kind of start.


We made an appointment at VOWS bridal in Massachusetts which may sound familiar from TLC’s “I Found The Gown” show. They are not filming anymore, but it was a beautiful store with an amazing staff.


Heather & I scooped mamacakes up early from the airport and headed right to breakfast before the bridal appointment….food = duh.


We went to the City Table in Boston which is sooo so good. I got a filled omelet with potatoes and tomatoes.

From there, we met my girl Jen (who drove from pittsburgh to the Retreat) & our good friend Shannon (who flew from South Carolina for the Retreat) at the bridal store.

I won’t be sharing any pictures of the dress — you’re going to have to wait for my wedding recap post NEXT summer ;] BUT I do have to say that we all cried.

I really didn’t think I would since you almost feel pressure to from watching all of the (hours) of Say Yes To The Dress…but in the end, I got super emotional and so did my girls.

Pretty. Awesome. Moment.


From the dress shop we met right with Michelle from Aspen Yoga Mats who were providing the mats for the Retreat. Michelle is an amazing woman and the company is GREAT. We cannot wait to continue our partnership with them!

From there we headed to the Cape for some dinner. It was our girl Shannon’s birthday so we enjoyed the night outside! Shannon is such an amazing person and we were happy to celebrate her birthday together.


[Mamacakes & Shannon]

Right down the street from dinner is an amazing gelato shop so we definitely had to end the night there.


After getting some sleep after gelato, it was time to prep for night #1 of the Glow Retreat on Friday! Heather and I got everything ready throughout the day leading up to our opening dinner.

Earl on we hit up the best place on earth…Green Lotus Cafe to fuel up.


BUBBLE TEA!! I’m obsessed.

We surprised our girls with welcome baskets on their beds whenever they arrived to the

IMG_0378 (1)

We included Lotus Wei Inner Peace Spray


Enfusia Muscle Bath Bombs & Muscle Soak salts along with water, tissues, & our signature glow poem.



I love adding little touches to make someone feel more at home and these awesome companies were perfect sponsors for the welcome basket!

IMG_0377 (1)

Before you know it, it was 7pm and time to meet all of the ladies! We had a dinner planned at the Double Tree Hotel in Cape Cod dining room and the food was AMAZEBALLS.


Tons of appetizer options like gluten free crackers, cheese, veggies, & fruit which led right into a buffet style dinner.


Grilled chicken, veggies, gluten free pesto pasta, & roasted potatoes with a side of a drink of their choice.

Dessert….oh my goodness.


Flour-less chocolate cake with a fruit compote. TO DIE FOR. And check out those gorgeous ladies in the background.

We all chatted, ate, laughed, & answered some ice breaker questions that truly made us break the ice. Heather & I had a great feeling knowing that this weekend was going to move mountains for all of us and Friday night was just the start.


From left to right…Kathy, Shannon, Linda, Alyson, Hannah, Kaiti, Myself, Ken, Alicia, Heather, & Val – the women of the 2015 Glow Retreat!

We ended the night playing the game Heads Up out by the fire pit in the courtyard which was an awesome way to start off the Retreat. After a good nights sleep it was time for day two which will be on tomorrow’s recap post!

Day two was full of a ton of awesomeness and I can’t wait to share!

I hope you have a great Tuesday & be true to you,

xo Kasey