Fueling the Wrestlers with Powercakes at the Tour ACW Event! [10/21]

October 21, 2013 -
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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.


Had such a fun time yesterday at the @TourACW Wrestling Event! This was the first event for them & Corey’s college wrestling coach who is a part of the event asked me to fuel the wrestlers with powercakes! It was pretty awesome to have such great support for what I do & also pretty awesome that the wrestlers left only crumbs for us to come back to after all of their matches!

I spent all of Saturday baking up some different flavors of my special recipes for [Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Spice, & Cinnamon Apple Raisin] for the event the next day.


Sunday morning rolled around & we were off to the event with my power breakfast in hand! AKA “Fuel to go!” I made some Toffee Apple Oats and 2 poached eggs. I originally thought I would throw it into some Tupperware but ended up just eating it right out of my glass bowl! Winking smile


We got all set up inside of the Wrestler’s warm up room before the boys started sampling.


Corey & some of his wrestlers that he coaches were dressed up so nice, I had to snap a pic! By popular demand on Instagram, I may have to bring them on the road with me? Winking smile Along with some of the other wrestlers & staff enjoying some powercakes.



After the warm up time, we headed out to the main even to watch some wrestling.


Even though I’ve always known what wrestling was, I really got introduced to it once Corey & I started dating. I’ve mentioned it before but Corey was a 4 time all American wrestler in college, and even though we weren’t dating then, I’ve been around the sport now for over a year & even though I still get confused on the rules & scoring (since I’m a newbie), I really give these athletes so much credit for what they do.


Special shout out to my boyfriend for being a great booth partner! He is such a strong support behind what I do & made sure everything went so smooth. I am very appreciative to have him a part of the powercakes team Red heart I jokingly said all day that it was his “try out” to be on the team since we haven’t done an event together before! Winking smile



Also special shout out to Jeff Linn & all of the wrestlers today for having me! I really appreciate the support & was so happy to support this awesome event!
The rest of the night we spent hanging with the family for a spaghetti & meatball Sunday dinner! My grandparents, great aunt Rita, brother, & sister-in-law all came over to watch some football & enjoy a Sunday family dinner. I put the phone away, enjoyed some wine, good food, football, & quality time with everyone. Perfect way to finish a great day.

Have a good start to your week everyone!

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey

Tell me about your weekend!

Did you have plans or just take some time to relax?

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2 responses to “Fueling the Wrestlers with Powercakes at the Tour ACW Event! [10/21]”

  1. Corinne says:

    Looks like it was a very successful day and the boy might have a good shot at making the team 😉
    I worked Sunday, but had a beautiful day on Saturday devouring some berry themed desserts and enjoying some great beach weather. It was lovely, but made coming back to work on Monday a bit harder though!

  2. The photos you took of the guys are just too funny 🙂 Although that is really what they looked like eating them… or devouring them.

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