Friday Favorites! Little bit of pampering & being true to you. [July 11th, 2014]

July 11, 2014 -
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Hey al! How has your week been?

Started this morning off with some deadlifts with my new Steel Body bar & plates from Impex-Fitness. I’ve got a full day ahead of me with helping my Mom get ready for our Family Reunion tomorrow so I made sure to get up early enough to fit in a training session.IMG_1278

This week was full of awesome clients, training sessions, & productive work along with some pampering thrown in. I totally think you’ve got to find time for yourself & just enjoy. During the week I stopped by Dick’s Sporting Goods to grab a few things and I always feel right at home whenever I see the Under Armour display.


Speaking of UA – one of my best friend’s, Sarah, showed up the other day in her new Outlet purchase and I have to say, she’s definitely rockin’ those  Toxic Six Shoes Winking smile


Is it a surprise that we put those shoes right to work?


Talk about a proud Trainer/Bestfriend moment whenever Sarah, who didn’t have much experience with a barbell – picked up some power moves quickly! She was a very quick learner and I made she she gave herself some credit because a barbell can be a tricky thing to get comfortable with.

Check out that beast mode look on her face? Winking smile hiyo!

Sarah, myself, & her brother John-John rocked a driveway workout yesterday morning & I’ll be posting a video of our workout soon but it was such a fun way to kick-off a Thursday!

After we got cleaned up, we headed out for a girl’s day. Exactly what I needed!

First up, hair appointments. I have never had anything done color wise to my hair so after being inspired by Sarah’s hair constantly, I made an appointment to join her.


It was a successful first experience getting my hair colored & I couldn’t be happier with the talents of miss @katrinashairstory from Shag Hair Salon! I highly highly recommend her. She was so down to earth & the 3 of us just had the best time hanging out there for a few hours.

After the hair-do’s we were HUNGRY & ready to eat. Luckily our girl Kaitlin was working at Outback so it was an obvious choice.


Salmon, Baked Potato (sour cream & chives), & asparagus. Yes. Please.

After dinner, we went to the mall to shop around and then back to Sarah’s place for some Henna time. Sarah is actually an Art Teacher at a local elementary school & is so so talented. I’ve already booked her for my (eventual future– wink wink) Wedding to make like, everything.


Henna is actually made from plant (almost like a mud) and this one has essential oils in it so it smells amazing. Once it dries, it flakes off and you’re left with a light brown temporary design on your skin. Pretty cool!


This week also consisted of a new nail color where I was inspired by my wristlet…


And a new find of Nut’s n More Peanut Butter! I’ve been wanting to try this stuff & it is super delicious. It’s a little more whipped I would say than a normal peanut butter but it also has flax & whey protein powder mixed in.

Speaking of pampering…


I truly don’t think anyone in my house gets more pampered than this girl. Abby cat has it good – I’d love to come back to life one day as her Winking smile Anyone else’s animal out there just sprawl out on the floor on the daily?

And to finish off this Friday Favorites – shout out to my Soul Sister Heather Waxman who constantly inspires me with her daily Soul Scriptures.


If this doesn’t go right along with the motto of be true to you, I don’t know what does. I say this often and I truly believe that the more you just let yourself, be yourself, the more you will inspire others to do the same. Is it always comfortable to step out & truly just be you? Not always. BUT in the end, you will have no doubt that the decisions you make are solely based off of your true purpose. There really is magic in just letting go of who you think you should be, & just being who you are.

I challenge you this week to do 1 thing outside of your comfort zone, coming from a place of “you”, and enjoy every moment. You were put on this earth to be you & let your own light shine for whatever it may be.

Happy Friday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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