25th Birthday & July 4th [Recap]!

July 7, 2014 -
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hey all! How was your weekend? Do you ever feel like you do so much over the weekend that Monday is all of the sudden at your front door step? Crazy how fast time can go, especially when you’re enjoying it! 4th of July weekend has always seemed to be a busy one with it being a weekend full of my birthday & America’s birthday.

Thursday morning I started my day off with coaching my tennis kids & this card made my day.


I was LOL’ing at the “You’re killing me” while lifting a weight (and for the record, that totally doesn’t happen – I’m a safe coach & I swear they smile the whole time Winking smile) but nonetheless, making an IMPACT every day is something that I strive to do for others. I often wear my Todd Durkin bracelet for motivation.

After the kids I headed to teach my outdoor bootcamp with my GNC ladies who always make the afternoon so enjoyable.


After a sunny workout outdoors, an ice cold Kill Cliff makes for an enjoyable moment post-bootcamp. Love this stuff! Drank it on the way to meet my Mom for some afternoon activities.


Lunch by the lake!


Turkey burger, avocado, & portobello salad with a nice red hue from the umbrella above us. Ate this right up before kayaking!


I swear I love my mom even though I’m awkwardly standing about 20 feet away. The cool news? I was able to kayak for free since it was my bday! You ever have those moments where your mom (or parent/guardian) likes to tell everyone you see on your birthday – that it is in fact, your birthday? She was telling the lady who was checking us in & I was like “moooooommmmm” and then the girl was like – hey! You get to kayak for free since it’s your birthday! My mom looked at me with those “I told you so” eyes where she is waiting for you to say that in the end, in a was a good thing she mentioned it. Go Mom!


Have you ever been kayaking before? I haven’t been in a while and MY GOSH it was quite a workout. We would go on intervals of racing each other, to putting the paddle down and just enjoying what was around us. Mom’s turn with the camera…



After a great afternoon, I came home to a box of Flowers on my doorstep. I instantly thought Corey….then no, because I truly am horrible at taking care of flowers and I always say he can save his money & by something like, food, instead.

I opened the box to find that my client Lauren had sent me this beautiful bucket of flowers! I truly think I have the worlds best clients. Thank you Lauren!!Red heart


Showered up & headed to dinner with the family. I chose to go to get Thai food for my birthday! I hadn’t had it in a while & there is a great place in town where it’s BYOB so we were all in.


Appetizers were ordered – which Papacakes looked at me and said, “is this the place with the amazing grape leaves?” Gotta love him & we quickly let him know that we were currently about to eat Thai, not Lebanese. Although both are good choices! Winking smile


Springs rolls & crunchy egg rolls of all types. YES. Then a girl’s picture was attempted…


Oh wait, mom saw a bird.


Oh wait, now Mom’s thirsty.


ahhh, there we go! Welcome back, Mom!


Got to sit next to this stud – Papacakes, while my broski took this pretty sweet picture at the table.


Just jumping around to get a picture with everyone while waiting for dinner.


Hiyo! Pumpkin curry with kabocha & shrimp. Mom & my sister-in-law Angie got Pad Thai.


Another “glad you Mom tells them it’s your birthday” moment is when you find out you get a free Pumpkin Custard!


Obviously praying & wishing at the same time.


The next day was the 4th so I started out with just a relaxing morning, to be honest. It was great just to sleep in a bit & enjoy the morning. The afternoon I spent with the parents before meeting up with my girl Sarah for a picnic. Finally a chance to wear my new Red/White/Blue scarf from Zullily!


How cute does Sarah look though? Loved the outfit.


Later on, Sarah, her brother John-John, & I all made our way down to the fireworks.


Do you have a favorite kind of firework? I personally love the ones that look like shooting stars as they fall.


Also had to catch the moment of all of the outfits that we saw. Gotta get me a pair of those American Flag pants!


To sum up the 2 days – I would totally say it was “good vibes only” & I’m very thankful for that. I try to live my life daily giving off good vibes but there is always something pretty magical to say about a weekend full of friends, family, food, & fireworks.

I truly can say that I feel 25 – in a good way! Pumped to make my years count now that I realize how fast time truly flies. Thank you all for all of your birthday wishes & tomorrow I’ll recap the rest of the weekend.

Have a great Monday!

Be true to you & good vibes,

xo Kasey



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