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June 13, 2014 -
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Happy Friday all! How has your week been!? Time is flying by & I wanted to start off by saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who tuned into our GLOW Retreat LIVE Q&A to learn more about this years event! We cannot wait to spend the weekend with everyone!


Us ladies are truly thankful to be living out our passions of connecting with others for this awesome weekend! If you missed the Q&A you can watch the full recap [here] on YouTube!

Now let’s get to some week in a day favorites! Um, can we say this next picture is ADORABLE! Kelly’s little adorable daughter loves to join in for Friday morning workouts. Today we were doing a full body move with some Resistance bands (I’ll be posting a video soon with a bunch of resistance band work) and Lilia made sure mommy was keeping her core tight Winking smile


She also wanted to be a part of holding the cable stable for whenever it was our girl Maddy’s turn to do the exercise.


With her Mom, Kelly, being a Tennis Pro – I think she has athletics in her bright future! While we’re on the Fitness side of “F” day … be nice. I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to my GNC ladies who rocked a workout in the pouring rain on Thursday!!


This picture doesn’t even do Mother Nature justice because it was literally POURING and we were soaked. I looked at them after they completed their rounds of mountain climbers & step ups and said, do we want to run back? And they were like, “Welp, we’re already wet might as well keep going!”

It’s safe to say that not everyone downtown had a lunch break similar to theirs that day Winking smile love them!!

Seg-waying into Fashion – loving my new UA Speed form Studio Lux Shoes from Under Armour women.


They are super light & perfect for just doing errands or jumping rope. I swear if you picked them up it feels like you’re not even holding anything. I was looking for a light shoe to wear and these totally fit the description! One of my clients, Elizabeth, (hiiii Elizabeth!!), just purchased a pair so I will let you know what she thinks!

Speaking of Fashion – lately for the chilly mornings I’ve been just taking my flow top & doing the powercakes tie up on the side with a tank & printed capris.  This is a standard go to outfit – look at me trying to be fashionable Winking smile That’s usually why a picture happens in the morning before I’m a body full of sweat! It’s all good though – #lovewhatyoudo!


Onto the Family & Food portion of today’s Favorites post – don’t be fooled by the man on the couch with my Aunt Rita – that’s still Corey! He just looks like a different human with his new facial hair he’s pulling off lately.


Maybe it’s in honor of his new big boy job Winking smile and my Aunt Rita – well, she likes to steal him away from me as much as she can; Which he loves!


Two of my favorite things to roast: Butternut Squash & Japanese Sweet Potatoes! I swear, they will change your LIFE. I find the potatoes at Whole Foods! I just cut, spray, sprinkle with sea salt, & then roast at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes. So easy!


I’ve been loving the Fizz from these Honest Tea Fizz drinks – Professor Fizz being my favorite.


Speaking of Honest Tea, they were so awesome to send this package of their original Lemonade’s & this adorable mason jar glass! How cute. Thanks guys!


Last weekend we had the fam over & my sister-in-law Ang made these delish cupcakes & coconut macaroons! She is KNOWN for these macaroons now and they are so simple to make! Once I get the recipe from her (or maybe she’ll post it to the bottom in the comments Winking smile) I promise you if you love coconut, you will not regret making these!\


We can’t get enough.


Papacakes, the grill master, made grilled Chicken & grilled veggies that were served along with Nanny’s famous macaroni salad & a side of red wine! Side Note: I’ve been slowly introducing gluten back into my eats & I’ve found that my body is handling it pretty well! As far as my own body goes, anything I “over-do” whether it be almonds, broccoli, or gluten – my body craves variety and will let me know it by giving me some not so nice symptoms. BUT if I keep my eats varied enough – my body tends to be pretty stoked about it.

Just goes to show – really listen to your own body! I’ve found that just trying new things and seeing how my body reacts is what works for me. #BeTrueToYou!


Onto a little different type of “Food” we’ve got one of my favorite greens – Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina! If you want to learn more about this powerfood, check out my Hawaii recap posts here.

[Nutrex-Hawaii Part One]

[Nutrex-Hawaii Part Two]

[Nutrex-Hawaii Part Three]

[Last Day In Hawaii Recap]

I’d look at them but then I’d probably want to jump on the next plane & be on my way back to the gorgeous state of Hawaii!


They sent me their new Green Complete Vanilla Powder that I’ve been putting into my morning smoothies! You can use coupon code “PCTRUE25” for 25% off your next Nutrex-Hawaii Order!


I’ve been blending it into my smoothies in my Vitamix S30 & taking it on the go with me (and my VEGA Hydrator!)

I’m off to enjoy some girl time with my friend Sarah – but before I go, Don’t forget to enter the So Delicious Product Giveaway [here] until Sunday night at midnight!


Good luck & be true to you,

xo Kasey


What’s your favorite ingredients for a smoothie? I’d love to get some ideas!

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