A Delayed Friday Favorites! [12/20]

December 21, 2013 -
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Hi all!! Just wanted to start off by saying thank you so much for all of the wonderful comments & support with my last post, “My 4 year Journey & Changes Through College.” I think a lot of us can relate to each other with those years of our lives so it was comforting to see how much honesty was shared from all of you. You all rock!

So with the Holiday’s coming up & being that we’re traveling south to be with Family – I’ve been running around like crazy this week! It’s like when one thing it marked off the to-do list, the next thing gets added on. BUT I am not complaining because a lot of productive things get done!

This morning I met my girl Kayte from @Average2Athlete who I’ve known for a few years now & we both share a love for fitness! Kayte is my sister-in-laws childhood friend and also a NBA cheerleader! She is SUPER strong & I love her positive personality. We hit it off right when we met a few years back!

She’s in from NYC so we got to play around on the jungle gym this morning after taking an awesome spin class together! 

More pictures & video will come soon – because once you get two bloggers together you KNOW there are a lot of picture and video opps!

So today is also a Friday Favorites post [ a bit delayed ] but a recap of some favorites from this week!

Posted this beauty last night to Instagram so allow my Facebook self to explain it in detail;

Powerbowl lovin

TANK TOPS are SHIPPED!! YAY! Thank you for being so patient with the preorders!!

As if I couldn’t love starbucks any more, I was introduced to a Christmas Blend on the CLOVER Press! Amazing. The barista convinved me to try it & it really does make it so much more smoooooth.

My friends at Cuties sent this cute bundle of clementines and I’m super excited to create! I’ve already got a recipe ready for you guys. Thanks Sun Pacific!! 

Carrot Cake French toast is STILL delicious! Love when the pumpkin bread gets ooey in the middle.

Butternut Squash steak fries are STILL happening of course – I love these!!

And a new grocery haul brought on some new goodies! Tea, Vanilla caramel coff, & millet & flax chips! All so good.

A little recap of the week for ya – NEW posts, NEW Recipes, New Fitness Videos, & Podcasts on tap for the New Year so I Can’t wait to share those with you guys!!

I’m off to run some errands before lunch with my mom, Corey, & his mom! Fun day before traveling tomorrow.

Have a good one!

Be True To You,

xo Kasey


What are you friday favorite highlights of the week? Any new fitness routine or foodie item you tried!? 

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  1. I saw my tank top had been shipped, can’t wait to get it!

    Taking some time off from blog reading and writing till the new year so just wanted to wish you a happy holidays!

  2. Looooove those tanks! note to self…must place an order soooon! 🙂

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