Double Dates & Family Time!

December 16, 2012 -
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good morning all!
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I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

I have to admit, I am SO sore from my leg workout on Friday.
I had a chance to get to the gym (I usually workout at home due to teaching)
but now that I’m moving on –I was able to get up early and hit the gym!

I was like a little kid – so excited to get back into the gym that I went hard.

Squats. Lunges. Extensions. Box Jumps. More Squats.
Oh, & 2 laps lunging around the track while holding a 25lb plate over my head.

I was in POWERCAKES TRAINING mode for suuuure
& my legs are for suuure feeling it today.

Can’t. Walk. Up. Steps.

Now,  maybe not the best idea to go real hard but hey, we live and learn right?

I am posting the workout tomorrow – don’t you worry Winking smile

Needless to say, yesterday I woke up and got on the elliptical for a few minutes
just to get the blood back into my legs then did some shoulder exercises followed by a ton of rolling out.

I usually say that foam rolling “hurts so good” – but this time it just straight up hurt.

So today, I am taking a rest day from working out & enjoying the day with my family!

We’re headed to a Christmas Brunch soon.

Speaking of Family, yesterday I spent the day with mamacakes!

We met with a new client that we are going to partner train during the week
! I am very excited because a few of our sessions we’re going to go shopping at the grocery store
(my favorite past time) & then I’m going to teach her the
POWERCAKES ways in the kitchen Winking smile


After our meeting, we stopped to get some fresh juice to power us through our day!

We got carrot, apple, celery, & parsley! YUM!

Headed back home to finally decorate our tree!


Later on papacakes came home & met Corey for a nice double date!


I wore my new green skinny jeans from old navy ($13 sale!!)
Blue top from Forever 21
And my boots are from Bass Shoes

With a cream scarf & pearls!


*We all enjoyed some responsible drinks (red wine for me!)


& then devoured our dinners!
I got a “Herbivore Steak Salad”  –
which consists of raw veggies, artichokes, capers, kalamata olives, & grilled portabella mushrooms!
With a side of their AMAZING homemade balsamic dressing & some FETA.

But Kaseyyyy, feta is not plant based!?
Well, guess what, I got it… because I WANTED IT.

I’ve been eating plant based for the last 3 months and feel amazing!
But, I was craving some good feta cheese- so I had it!
Remember, BE TRUE TO YOU! Winking smile


I’m convinced mamacakes wants to steal him from me…
so of course we had to take a pic of the PEACOAT SWAG since they matched!

All in all, it was a great night!

I hope you were able to enjoy yourselves this weekend and focus on

Sneak peek into what’s coming up this week…


hmmmm?? Winking smile

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
I want to hear!!

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