Day After Christmas Workout! via Body Shop Athletics

December 26, 2013 -
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Good afternoon everyone! How was your Christmas? I hope you had an amazing day! I can’t wait to recap you all on the holiday’s over here – but I’ve got to run out the door here soon to do our annual day after Christmas shopping! They have the cutest stores around here with 1/2 price decorations the day after so we make a whole day of it!

It was a very mimosa Christmas yesterday! Had such a great day. I was so thankful to be with 12 other family members & Corey for the Holiday. This time of the year it truly is about giving attention to each other – even though it is fun to give & recieve – one of the best things to give is love & time for eachother.

My aunt Kel knows me too well – she got me an adorable necklace from the She was so   excited to show me the “to thine self be true”. Which is obviously my motto! Have faith that you will be led where you are meant to be if you stay true to you.


So you may notice the picture below is the same from a few days ago after my workout on Monday – well the truth is, I totally wore a similar under armour outfit this morning & thought it made a good background to share with you the “Day After Christmas” Workout I did this morning at the Body Shop Athletics! & I may or may not have stopped and got the same drink from starbs post workout – even though it’s 50 degrees I still crave a cold coffee after working out.

We got there this morning and the instructor Virginia showed us a white board with this workout written on it & said – whose ready to get it after Christmas?! Let’s GO! 

A little run down for ya – the workout consists of 50 of each of the exercises above, then once you’ve completed 50 of each, you run a half mile before doing 40 of each exercise then running a half mile & so on! 

So basically you run a half mile in between each round.  Talk about a wake up call to my legs after relaxing all day yesterday! ;]

Breakfast couldn’t have come any quicker after this workout…

Would I like some oats with my fruit? haha My aunt is stocked up on cherries & I can’t get enough.

Also in the bowl other than fruit; oats, cinnamon, & flax with an omelet on the side.

What are you up to today? Are you able to relax or is it back to reality? We’re headed to get some shopping done while the boys go visit some Colleges.

I hope you have a great day guys!


XO Kasey