Blogger meet up and Mediterranean eats!!

December 11, 2012 -
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hi all! Hope you’re enjoying your week so far!

I have been a busy bee for the last week now that I’ve made a pretty big decision!

More on that to come later this week – I will be VLOGGING about it for suuuuure.

12/12/12 may just be the first day in my new journey!
Until the world ends like a week later, right? Winking smile

Anyway, I got a chance to meet up with my girl
Amy from @SpotOnWellness last night!

I originally met Amy at the FHBC Conference in June!

She is a fellow FitFluential Ambassador!

She happened to be on a business trip in my town so OF COURSE we had to get together!

It was actually a funny situation because we were supposed to meet downtown,
but then she texted me saying she pit stopped somewhere super close to my house
(obvi she didn’t know that though) and she’d see me soon.

It all clicked in my head – STOP DRIVING and meet me by my house!
She was literally driving past my exit when I called her.

So I told her to plug an address into her phone & meet me at a local spot!
(thank goodness for smart phones)

As I was pulling out of my driveway, mamacakes was pulling in
so I jumped in her car and off we went to go meet Amy!

Some things just happen to work out perfectly Winking smile

We went to a local Mediterranean spot!

We sat & talked for about 3 hours – not surprised at all!

Fashion talk; rocked the burberry rainboots, black leg warmers,
jeggings (because I haven’t worn real jeans in forever),
oversized knit sweater & black scarf!

With my new side bag from my consignment finds!


Now to the EATS!

As if my HUMMUS OBSESSION couldn’t get any bigger – t
his is the most amazing hummus you’ll ever eat.
mark. my. words.

And who doesn’t love a plate of raw veggies,
olives, & pickles on the side for scooping?
Notice, not for “dipping”, because you will
use anything you can to scoop this into your mouth.

Amy & I ordered the same exact dinner of lentils & rice with veggies.

Anyone else love Lentils as much as I do?
I know some think they are bland, but they are PACKED with plant based protein!

I’ve been loving them on my usual POWERBOWLS.


*Base of spinach, with raw veggies, roasted carnival squash,
LENTIL, sprouts, avocado, & sundried tomatoes!

Along with our lentil dinner;
we ordered a
side of the NATURAL ENERGY fresh squeezed juice
which consisted of carrots, celery, spinach, lemon, & parsley!

Talk about some #plantPOWERRRRRR.

It was so night to catch up with her & she even gave me an
adorable gift from her Thirty One bags that she sells!

It’s an adorable organizer that will come in handy on my new business journey! Winking smile

More info on that is coming SO SOON.
I’m getting closer each day to revealing what I’ve been working on!

Anyway, it was a great night & I love meeting up with blog friends!
That is the beauty of being in this community!

Meeting people you may not have met if it wasn’t for these
connections we make through just sharing our story!

Red heart

Have you met up with a friend lately?

I think everyone could always use a good girls’s night!