BlogFest [Recap] Day ONE! 2014

August 17, 2014 -
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Hey all! How are YOU?! Gosh, can’t believe that the first ever BLOGFEST is already over! It was such an amazing couples days filled with so many memories. I’m currently hanging in San Diego – did I mention I’m speaking at Todd Durkin‘s Facility tomorrow? PINCH. ME.

So for today, I’m catching up with you & enjoying the Cali weather! And possibly the beach later on – hiyo!

 EPIC FitFluential picture with my friend & CEO herself, Kelly Olexa, & all of her FitFluential Ambassadors!

The first morning started off with my attempt to make it to the fun run led by miss Hutch which turned into a walk longer than I thought it would take me (oops!), so I re-programmed my GPS for…Starbucks. Hey, coffee can always solve most problems!

Once I got my coff, I literally ‘ran’ into the running group while they made their way back. I became the human hugging finish line.

It was an instant meet up & I got to meet everyone right away.

I turn around, lock eyes with this beautiful woman, & then we both realize who each other is! Tears start to SHED as this epic moment of finally meeting Jill Conyers, happens!

Then we were off to yoga where I got to reunite with my UA soul sister, Tasha!

Yoga was the perfect thing after traveling the day before!

Thank you for the picture, Alyse!

Group picture thanks to @FitApproach!

After yoga, Alyse & Jamie from Sweat Pink kicked things off with a welcome! They did a great job organizing everything.

Soon after, we were at the IDEA Opening Ceremonies with is always sure to INSPIRE! The energy in the room is contagious.

 They opened with the vocal group, Phil Harmonics, & I caught Todd Durkin in the background during the slideshow!

Then we got to be introduced to Lynne & Augie Nieto – and this story hit deep with so many of us. Augie is the founder of Life Fitness, a leading fitness equipment company. Augie was diagnosed with ALS in 2005 & has now doubled his life expectancy. His wife Lynne spoke about their project, Augie’s Quest, to not only bring awareness to ALS but to also donate to help research.

Lynne & Augie truly showed so much strength.

They showed a video of Augie being able to walk his last daughter to get married down the isle with the help of a walking machine & his physical therapist helping to guide his steps. There was no dry eye in the whole room.

Lynne challenged all of us to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge & also donate to the cause. This speech truly made a huge impact on all of us.

Augie continues to train 3 hours a day during the week to regain strength & although Lynne knows this progress is rare amongst ALS patients, she continued to help educate us on the importance to donate to help find a cure.

To learn more about Augie’s Quest – check out this link here!

Shortly after Augie’s inspirational story, Elaine Lalanne took the stage to show us that at 86 years old she can still rock a push-up!

She gave the lift time achievement award to Diana Nyad who then shared with us her story of at age 62 and after 4 failed attempts, she swam from the seemingly impossible 103 miles between Cuba and Florida, without a shark cage.

You see this Pittsburgh girl over here is terrified of ‘big things in water’  – not sure the correlation between that, SO I truly couldn’t even imagine doing what she did. BUT her story was so inspiring & her personality was awesome. Her biggest motto, don’t let age limit your dreams & never give up!

After the motivational opening ceremonies, we were headed back to a few sessions about blogging about food and then about working with companies as a blogger.

THIS QUOTE IS ME! Seriously, I just get in the kitchen & have fun! Enjoy the process.

aweee yeahhh – a Kelly & Kelli sandwich! 

The session was led by Jamie & the panel of Kelly Olexa (who connects with brands & bloggers), Tracy Hollywood (who works as a company looking to connect with bloggers), & Whitney English (Blogger who gave advice on how she works with companies).

I really loved the dynamic of the group on learning about how all aspects of their professions can truly come together.

Their Top Tips! 

  1. BE TRUE TO YOU! I can’t even tell you how many times they said how important it is to be authentic to yourself in order for companies to truly mesh with you. Companies & readers look to connect with people who are true to themselves and not trying to be someone that they are not.
  2. IT’S OK TO SAY NO! If a company reaches out to you and it’s not a product that truly aligns with you or your passion, it is OK to kindly say no thank you. Be professional, say thank you, & you never know when they may have another product that you may like or know another company that may want to work with you.
  3. IT’S OK TO OVER-DELIVER. A lot of first time reviews or collaborations are not always paid, but don’t let that that stop you from doing a little more than you agree to do (paid or not paid). If you are interested in a long-term relationship with a company that you love, be creative with what you agree to do, stand out, be true to you, & also show them that you care. It can go a long long way & turn into something more!
After a few sessions, we got to workout with Chalene Johnson & try Piyo!

Nice group shot by Pavement Runner! He’s awesome!

Sweat group shot by BlogFest!

Now that we were all sweaty & our booty’s were BURNIN! For Real. Piyo was great! Remember the ALS Bucket Challenge by Lynn Niato? Whelp, The Marriot helped us make it pretty epic.

Oh hello freezing cold water, party of 20!

Tasha & I ready to do this for a good cause!

Post – Ice bucket challenge picture! Thank goodness for Cali warm weather to dry off a bit after being soaked. So great to do this all together, donate, & spread awareness!

After freshening up a bit, I headed to the Sweat Pink Networking Happy Hour!

Finally got to give my girl Bobbi (@NHerShoes) a hug! I met her 2 years ago in Colorado for a conference and we’ve been friends ever since!

Then got to hang out with some new friends like Monica (@RunEatRepeat), Julie (@PBFingers), Heather (@HWGlamour), Katy (@KatyWidrick), Courtney (@SweetToothCourt), & great to see friends again like Gina (@Fitnessista), & Bobbi (@NHerShoes)!

Great fun way to end the night before literally my head hitting the pillow – these days are like marathons full of education, friends, & fun so once you get to your bed…you don’t stand a chance! ;]

PART TWO coming up next, guys! Have a great Sunday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey