Behind The Scenes of #BODYpeace Weekend [Day Two]!

May 29, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Thursday! I am SO lost on what day it is this week. I posted a pic to snapchat last night with a #tbt (throwback thursday) of me and my brother & he texted me and was like – it’s Wednesday, Kase. Go me! Anywho – let’s reverse back in time to day number TWO of our Behind The Scenes of #BODYpeace Weekend.  If you missed Day ONE check that out [here]!

Who wants to travel to Cape Cod with me today? Yes?

OH and if you actually want to legit travel to Cape Cod with me – don’t forget to register for the 2014 GLOW Retreat August 22-24th!

After our cookie filled road-trip to the Cape Friday night, we got in, caught up with our girls, & then fell right to sleep after praying for good weather! You see, all week the forecast was calling for rain all weekend and we knew we only had basically 1 day to get the photos taken so we spent a lot of time chatting to get on Mother Nature’s good side.

We woke up early to try and catch a sunrise just incase we needed to get in early pictures, BUT our girl Mother Nature totally pulled through & sent us a beautiful day at the Cape!


I spy Heather’s eye Winking smile with a beautiful background which you’ll see later on!

We drove to different destinations to scout them out before the photo-shoot took place, and to also grab coffee…of course.


Once we got back to the house, Jenn & her amazing mom whipped together some delish powercakes to fuel up for the day.


We drove around to check out the space for The GLOW Retreat which is going to be at the Mid-Cape Athletic Club that Jenn’s dad actually owns – small world, right!? Or just totally meant to be. I’m telling you guys – check this place out if you’re in the area! We’re so excited to host the retreat here – it’s going to be awesome. Here is our schedule of events.

After we checked out the facility – we were hungry again, no surprise there! We love our food. So we hit up a local spot where I got a flax wrap with some tuna salad, basil, & mushrooms. Made me remember how much I love tuna and got some new ideas for recipes!


While we ate, we got all prepped for the shoot thanks to our girls Lauren & Jenn. I can’t even explain how amazing these two were in helping our vision truly become a reality. They are the best team we could ask for!


After we we’re ready we headed to our first spot for pictures – a GORGEOUS home owned by one of Jenn’s mother’s friend. When we walked into the kitchen, I totally had a “OMG I want to be on the Food Network” inner-freak-out moment.

photo 2

ahhhh, bliss.

Some shots were taken in the kitchen then we headed outdoors where a funny situation happened…So, we had this really awesome idea to lay in the grass and get a shot right above looking down onto us. It was all a really great idea until I started to feel this intense itch & burn happening on my upper back…as I laid there, I thought, hm – is my muscle having muscle spasm? Or am I legitimately being eaten alive right now?

Well, you could basically combine the two, & insert some FIRE ANTS and you’d be right on!

Yup, FIRE ANTS decided to adhere to my back which led me to jump up & yell which then led to Lauren jumping back with her camera which then led to Jenn getting a sucker punch from the camera lens right to the face.

Close your eyes for a second & picture that. That right there is the definition of a HOT MESS. Pun intended.

I’m pretty sure this picture was taken post-fire ant freak out. Pretty much sums it up.

photo 5

But don’t worry – after a few minutes of laughing – we were good to go and decided to stay away, far far away, from the fire ant area & move to the woods. Secretly praying that we didn’t have another “nature” filled experience.

photo 3


Lauren is a legit photographer who has a great eye for a perfect shot. Jenn is a magician when it comes to setting up a perfect shot & being able to truly guide us to find really cool creative ideas. Fact: They both rock. After some wood scenes, we went back to the awesome lookout point right before the sunset! We wanted to time this just right because the lighting is epic. I got to do some different poses on the rocks & felt so free with all of it.


“There’s magic in letting go of who you think
you should be & just being who you are.”

You know, as much as photo-shoots ARE so fun – sometimes it’s hard because you do have to let yourself be vulnerable to the moment & really set into your inner self to let that inner glow shine through. I am going to do a separate post on some of the other pictures but for now, there really is freedom in just “letting go” and owning the moment.

Capris Pictured: Under Armour Women


And with this view – it’s hard not to enjoy & be so thankful for these experiences.

After the powerful day of photos – we were hungry & ready for some food! Mexican became what we all craved so we headed to one of the girl’s favorite spots. Once we saw table-side prepared Guacamole was on the menu – it was going down!


And down it went – into our bellies. For real, if there was a record for fastest time that 4 girls can consume guacamole – I think we beat it.


I ordered a huge salad with goat cheese, shrimp, & side of rice/beans. TOTALLY hit the spot guys.


Also enjoyed a raspberry mojito because 1) I love fresh mint & 2) it was super refreshing!

After this epic meal, it was a quick nights sleep before heading to the airport for an early flight back to Pittsburgh! I had two clients that day so it was awesome to step right off the plane into doing what I love to do – although I think I totally left a piece of my heart back on the sand in Cape Cod with those 3 lovely ladies.


4 Women. 1 Vision. #BODYpeace Movement.

It’s happening people…


be true to you,

xo Kasey

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  1. Stacy says:

    Kasey: That pic of you on the rocks doing a yoga pose is badass. I LOVE it! You look phenomenal! I love your blog and your ideas! Hope you have another fantastic weekend!

  2. Sarah says:

    Kasey, you and the bodypeace ladies are just so beautiful inside and out. I love your positive attitude and the message that you share on a daily basis. Keep doing what you’re doing and know that you and what you do are appreciated!!!

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