Realistic New Year’s Goals for 2019!

December 7, 2018 -
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Happy FRIDAY friends! We’re getting closer and closer to a NEW year! Can you believe it?

With each end of a year, I try to look back and be proud of what I accomplished and also where I can work on things because we’re always growing & evolving.

As a Personal Trainer, and just being in the fitness space in general, I have seen so many different types of New Year’s Resolutions.

From wanting to lose weight, to perfect eating, to running a marathon.

And while I think resolutions are a GREAT way to stay motivated and have a plan – I also think that the smaller goals along the way are where the MAGIC lies.


To run a marathon, you’ve got to make small & attainable goals each week to hit certain miles and have a plan in place.

To lose weight, you’ve got to make small & attainable goals each day to stay CONSISTENT over time with your workouts, food, & mental strength (because that’s the BIGGEST component, in my opinion.)

To eat better, you’ve got to make small & attainable goals each day to want to nourish & fuel your body while also working towards a balance of not being “perfect” and allowing for moderation.

I think what happens when we set to make a resolution — we can get a little too extreme.

When we set something TOO extreme…the chances of “falling off” are even higher because it’s so hard to keep that extreme pace.


I wanted to give my tips on how you can make REALISTIC NEW YEAR’S GOALS with the help from my friends at ADIDAS.

  1. “I want to workout 7 days a week in the New Year….NO DAYS OFF”.

    • Why don’t we focus on consistently staying active throughout the week?
    • REST & RECOVERY are so important — we have to have a balance in our training. (I take 2 days a minimum of rest from the gym each week.)
    • Focus on a STEP goal each day — where most research states that 10,000 steps a day is a great place to be for most people.

How do I get my steps in? I love to take my girl Kita for walks! And if you don’t have a dog…no worry!

Get some fresh air with a walk outside, take the steps next time you have the option, or park your car further away at the grocery store.

Want to get in some outdoor steps but it’s chilly where you are? I feel you!


New England has started to hit winter temps so I’ve been rocking a Men’s Crew Sweatshirt in a size small (perfect amount of comfort), 3-stripe leggings, Pureboost X shoes (the best!), & you can always catch me in a beanie or a relaxed strapback hat.

2. “I’m going to lost 40 pounds in 1 month”.

    • Why don’t we focus on small progressions in the gym rather than pounds lost?
    • Plus, losing that amount of weight in that short amount of time is usually not healthy.
    • Weight Loss takes time and with my clients, we tend to focus more on inches lost over time (fat loss) rather just just pounds.
    • I find that when clients start to focus on a PERFORMANCE goal such as doing 5 push-ups in a row, getting 1 pull-up, or holding a plank for 60 seconds without coming down — the hard work it takes to get there helps with your goal to lose weight, but doesn’t have the focus being ONLY on the numbers.
    • I also find that if my clients start to focus on enjoying the PROCESS more, they have less stress, which then leads to them getting closer to their goals because STRESS can get in the way from progressing.

3. “I want to eat perfect.”

    • Why don’t we focus on small changes over time such as meal prepping on Sundays, drinking ore water, or allowing ourselves to find more BALANCE with our eats.
    • When we focus on being perfect with food, or anything for that matter, we tend to have a hard time keeping that perfect pace. You can refer to my post I did a little while back about “CONSISTENCY OVER TIME” and how that is where the magic really lies.
    • Focus on getting in a good amount of protein in your day, varying your veggie intake, getting in your healthy fats for hormonal health & satiation, & adding in your carbs to help with your performance.


I asked my clients to share with me some of their realistic goals for the New Years!

“By combining personal training and proper nutrition I hope to stay healthy so I can enjoy my later years someday!” – Dawn

“Do 20 pull through planks without stopping & 10 unmodified (with good form) push ups without stopping. I’d like to change my body composition & focus on recording my macronutrients for a month without any excuses.” – Hannah

“I think my main goal will be consistency. I want to continue my exercise schedule as it is such a great combination of exercise and therapy.  Along the lines of consistency – setting monthly goals -commit to goals that are mind body and spirit. Finding the good in each day with a “daily win”. – Mary Ann


We want to be able to look back (like Kita) to this past year & be kind to ourselves for what we have accomplished. We go through A LOT in one year.

Maybe for 2019 we focus on how we want to FEEL & work on our mental strength as well as our physical.


I truly believe it all starts in the mind & that’s a great goal for 2019!

Leave your realistic New Year’s goal in the comments below!

Be true to you!

Xo Kasey



This post is sponsored by my friends at adidas but as always, all opinions are my own.