Consistency…and why it is KEY to your fitness journey.

August 29, 2018 -
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Happy Wednesday, my friends! I hope you’re having an awesome day. It is a HOT one here in New England, so I hope you’re staying cool wherever you may be! ;]


Today, we’re talking CONSISTENCY and this is one of those posts where I just want to yell these words from the rooftops! (but I’ll type it out with my fingers instead).

Over the last 6+ years of being a Personal Trainer, I’ve worked with many different clients with all different goals, lifestyles, &

A common topic that I see come up OFTEN is that they tend to beat themselves up if they have an “off ” day (or couple of days) OR on the other side, they get so extreme that they end up not being able to keep that up because it’s just that….an extreme.

I created this image to show you what I explain to them…


You see, I believe there are 3 areas of your fitness (could be any) journey.

  1. You have the EXTREME level where you are working out 7 days a week, eating nothing but “clean” foods, & make a plan that’s very hard to stick to because it’s not something that is sustainable over time, for the long run.
  2. You have the “FALLING OFF” level where you fall off of the wagon because you were being TOO extreme and you were unable to maintain that level (which most people wouldn’t be able to maintain that extreme level because there is no balance to it).
  3. CONSISTENCY level which is where we want to be MOST of the time! Enjoying your workouts, resting to recovery, eating enough to fuel your body while including moderation throughout your eats, taking time for YOU, doing it for YOU, & enjoying the process.

I believe that you will have days of “EXTREME” &  days of “FALLING OFF” but if you stay in the CONSISTENT level most of the time, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!

Being consistent means finding a plan that works for you, being able to adhere to it, & not living in the “extreme” level which then can lead to “falling off”.

If you’re in that middle level most of the time — good things will happen!

Too often we beat ourselves up if we’re not seeing results fast enough, so we JUMP right to the EXTREME level to see results quicker…but what happens is that we do too much & too fast and our bodies get tired, broken, & fatigued which then you fall back to the bottom level because you feel defeated for not being able to stick to the extreme.

Do you catch my drift here?


That is where the magic is, y’all!

I hope this helps you today & you repeat this to yourself daily…

“I will remain focused on my goals. Even if I have a moment of difficulty, I will not give up. I know that success comes with consistency. I know that I will make it. Things will get better. No problem or challenge will stop me. Everything I deserve is coming my way.”

Have an awesome day guys & always be true to you,

xo Kasey


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16 responses to “Consistency…and why it is KEY to your fitness journey.”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Umm are you talking to me? this is so me right now ! Thanks for the great reminder!

  2. Sherrie says:

    THANK YOU for this!
    I, too, feel like it is typically one extreme or the other that people can fall into and love the graphic! Do you mind if I share that with some of my groups and customers?

  3. I took my healthy lifestyle to an extreme several years ago–this streak lasted for three to four more years, and I ultimately suffered a lot of physical and mental downfalls from this hardcore regimen. Results may not come as quickly with consistency, but they for sure stick around the longest!

  4. Kate says:

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    Thanks for the great post!

  5. Hilary says:

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    Xx Hilary

  6. Mirko says:

    Dear Kasey,

    Regarding the training , I suggest to you and your readers to drink red tea approximately 40 minutes before any kind of strength or extreme training. Upgrade focus and concentration. This one is excellent

  7. Emily says:

    I LOVE this breakdown girl! It took me learning from my extremes in college to learn the true balance and consistency ❤️

  8. Girvan says:

    Weather we are in the falling off stage or in the consistent stage we should eat right to maintain a healthy metabolism. Hear about Sharon’s story here:

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  10. Luna says:

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  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. Joe says:

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  13. Tena says:

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  14. Tena says:

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  15. […] anything for that matter, we tend to have a hard time keeping that perfect pace. You can refer to my post I did a little while back about “CONSISTENCY OVER TIME” and how that is where the magic really […]

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