New Year. New Business. New Hair. & Restriction Talk.

January 20, 2013 -
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Hi all! I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things from Friday. With the new year starting, there are a lot of NEW things happening in  my life. Including a new business which entails business  & networking meetings throughout the week. I’m not complaining though because I finally get a chance to wear some of the clothes that probably get dusty from hanging in my closet for so long.


Sometimes it’s nice to dress in business clothes instead of gym swag.

The New Year also brought on another decision to cut my hair! ahhhh. Honestly, this freaks me out. Every time I get on this kick to cut my hair, I chop it off & then go through a depression that I can’t have long waves anymore. BUT, I have to say that I am very happy with the results & feel more sophisticated with my new do!


Not only am I going through some pretty cool stuff this new year,
but a few of my favorite people are as well!

Meet my friend Jen.


(and the one on the right is my bittie girl sarah- who you’ve been introduced to before.)

Yesterday I surprised Jen at her first race of the year! Her goal is to run 12 races in 12 months. She has lost 90lbs to date and doesn’t plan on stopping there! The picture on the left was at Sarah’s first marathon over a year ago & the one on the right was from yesterday! The 3 of us ran a 5 mile race & cheered Jen all the way to the end of her first race of 2012! Jen is going to be sharing her inspirational story this week on the blog – so keep an eye out!


After the race we got lunch to #REFUEL at our favorite brewery!
I got the amazing lemon & garlic hummus plate and I asked for extra veggies instead of pita bread.
They were more than willing to accommodate my request & I may or may not have licked my entire plate clean.

This new year also added on another year to my boyfriends age! Mister Corey is now 23 years old (yes, I am a cougar who is 6 months older than he is) & he doesn’t let me forget it Winking smile

Anyway, I treated him to a very nice birthday dinner last night at a local winery. Yup, a brewery & winery in the same day. Although, no beer was consumed at lunch, there WAS wine consumed at dinner! During the week I eat very clean but on the weekends I enjoy a nice glass of wine & a meal of something I usually don’t have during the week!

Corey (who is obviously used to his picture getting taken)  #bloggerboyfriendproblems
got chicken marsala & a glass of a very good white wine.


My meal consisted of a salmon salad with asparagus, feta, & amazing dressing that I dumped all over the whole thing.
No fork dipping last night. I also had a nice glass of red wine!

Now, as you can see, I got salmon! We all know that I eat plant based about 95% of the time because it does wonders for my digestion, but every now & then I really enjoy some seafood! Seafood doesn’t seem to hurt my stomach like other animal proteins do. So, once and a while I enjoy seafood & love every bite! Hence my motto, #beTRUEtoYOU. As a whole, we all need to work on less judgment of others and more acceptance of everyone’s different preferences! It’s true, eating plant based has definitely changed my life, but if I can handle seafood & feta every now & then…why not? Especially if I enjoy it. Life is too short to live under a “label” of what you think you should do to make others happy.


One of my followers left a comment on my instagram picture last night asking (nicely) if I restrict myself from eating dessert since I commented under my picture saying that “we ordered him a nice Ice cream sundae”. The truth it, there were no gluten free options on the menu for dessert & as much as I can handle small amounts of cheeses (life feta & goat cheese), my stomach may not have been too happy with a big serving of ice cream.

That is not saying that I didn’t dig my finger into the dipping sauces & eat all of the strawberries,

because I definitely did that.

This brought up a good point that I want to reiterate. I do NOT restrict myself from food. I truly enjoy eating healthy & I absolutely love the way I feel when I eat healthy. For 10 years I have struggled with digestive issues. I am personally not able to go out once a week & eat a huge hamburger on a bun with french fries & a milkshake. Sure, I wouldn’t mind eating that…but my stomach sure would.

Everyone is so different & therefore can eat different things to make themselves & their bodies happy. I have found what is working for me, but I also know that I can personally handle eating seafood & some cheese every now & then without any pains. It’s when I “over-do” these food items where the problem happens.

I do not restrict myself at all…but I choose to eat healthy versions of my favorite foods because that’s what makes my insides feel best. I 100% believe in enjoying life & everything in moderation! Trust me. But, I personally don’t eat gluten containing foods or lots of dairy just because my stomach doesn’t function properly when that occurs.

I actually ended my night last night with some dark chocolate & home made trail mix because I always love having dessert & I snack on something every night!


I share my story honestly & don’t hide anything. Which is going to lead into an upcoming post this week. I’ve shared mostly everything about my struggles with digestion, competitions, food intolerances, allergies, & day to day stories. But, there is one thing that I’ve been through that I have yet to share. With this being a new year & me embarking on my new business journey – I truly feel it is the right time to open up about some anxieties I dealt with as a child & still deal with to this day. The other night I felt the need to share it, so I started typing into my notepad on my iPhone…my fingers really loved me after that one, ha!

In all seriousness, I do feel the time is right to open up & hopefully it will help others who may have or are still dealing with similar issues.


That will be coming up with week along with Jen’s amazing story!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Red heart


Do you believe in moderation?

Do you find that you “restrict” yourself from certain foods?


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11 responses to “New Year. New Business. New Hair. & Restriction Talk.”

  1. vmarie says:

    Hi Kasey,
    I love your blog and your posts on instagram. I am blown away by your positive spirit. I follow you because you have this idea that eating healthy is a way to honor your body- not punish it. I also suffer from pretty bad digestion problems but when I eat clean those problems go away! It really is a matter of listening to your body! I know I am rambling- I just wanted to say that YOU INSPIRE ME. Thank you and I wish you all the luck in your upcoming projects in 2013. <3

  2. Brittany @ Proteinandpumps says:

    I always have to reiterate that moderation and restriction are two completely different things!!! Moderation is so important and having self control doesn’t mean you have to always say no to dessert! I personally love scheduled cheat days/meals. I think they are a great way to stay on track and enjoy the bad good stuff too!

  3. Restriction to me is such a touchy subject and I’m glad you talked about it, but I would like to share my view from an eating disordered perspective if you will. (Not that I think you have one, but I did) i remember when I first started restricting I truly thought I was not restricting. I thought I was being healthy and was making the choices for health reasons. The eating disorder convinces you, “you have GI problems” ” you don’t like specific foods” “you’re vegan for ethical reasons ONLY” again I’m not saying this is you, but restrictions is so hard to define because we can make all te reasons in the world on why or why not to eat something.

    I know you listen to your body and I trust you completely, I just think its important for everyone to really think about why they are making their food decisions. If guilt ever follows a meal I think that’s a red flag “someone else” is making your food decisions.

    I’m sorry to parade eating disorders topics on your blog but since I did have one, one thing I am huge on is promoting awareness and warning signs. Because I totally missed mine.

    Love you girl! And you are such an inspiration to be true to you and acknowledging we are all different. No two bodies are the same!

  4. Elle says:

    What I really don’t get, is some people’s need to label themselves and then add a caveat…

    for example… I am a vegetarian, but sometimes I eat a hamburger

    or I am Paleo but I eat cheese sometimes.

    Why use the label at all. If you are vegan, you DON’T eat eggs… These labels are restrictive in themselves.

    I like the way you describe your eat… plantbased MOST of the time.

    Getting off my little soapbox now!

    Happy Birthday to the cute boyfriend and glad you had such a nice celebratioin together. :)

  5. I love this Kasey! You have no reason to ever defend your decision to be healthy! You are such a great model of healthy living. Love the new haircut too!

  6. Lisa says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! Love the shorter locks on you! Happy birthday to the bf. Sounds like a fun evening! I’ve played with the restriction game in the past and it’s not for me anymore. I’m so much happier eating foods that I know are healthy, but also leaving room for some treats too.

  7. lindsay says:

    you look great, you sound great, you are GOING FOR IT, and YOU are living! I love it. Enjoy the food, no restricting. be TRUE! i do believe in moderation and ENJOYING life

  8. You look gorgeous!!! And too funny about blogger boyfriend problems… so true 😀 I love your approach to eating as well. I don’t think anyone should put restrictions on themselves! Labels don’t mean anything :)

  9. LOVE your hair!!! As always, I love that you are pursuing your dream! I did not but I love others doing it young so that it does not get almost too late! :)

    Nice boyfriend!!! 😉

  10. Melissa Love says:

    LOVE the hair!! You look awesome! I think it’s great you are chasing your dream!! Keep rocking it love! :)

  11. Your work outfit is so cute and classy! I’ve been growing my hair out after I chopped it off, after it being long for 10+ years, and now I miss the short! Cute cut!

    Thanks for always keeping it real. 😉 Looking forward to your follow up post!

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