#honesthour VLOG; My journey through competing.

August 30, 2012 -
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Hey all! So today I’m going into some personal details and stories of my experiences
with my figure/bikini competitions. I personally loved competing and it was a goal of mine
– but there were some up’s & down’s along the way.

You all know I am super honest – hence #honesthour,
and I wanted to talk about things I’ve experienced along with my decisions
to focus on becoming a better athlete and not worrying so much about appearance.

Hopefully you’ll take the time to listen to see where I’m coming from!
I know, 30 minute VLOG…
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I am proud of what I’ve accomplished;


You’ll hear more in the video,
but the picture on the left (spring 2011) was when I first competed.

I wasn’t too educated on how to properly “diet” and I basically just cut a bunch of things
out of my diet until I was at an un-healthy body weight
(without really knowing that I was being “unhealthy”)

The picture on the right (spring 2012) is me competing in the same show, 1 year later.
I focused on fueling my workouts, refueling with the proper nutrition,
eating balanced #powermeals, & NOT FEARING THE FAT!

I challenged myself to eat more healthy fats;
something I FEARED the year before.

I did a VLOG here about that topic before my competition.

“Don’t Fear The Fat”

I just am passionate about helping others with their journeys
& sometimes it’s hard to put ourselves out there
but if I can inspire 1 person through my story, then I’m happy.

This VLOG was inspired by this article
via @AngryTrainerFit

Enjoy your day!
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11 responses to “#honesthour VLOG; My journey through competing.”

  1. Lauren Marks says:

    Hey Kasey! I don’t stalk you I swear! I just love all the info and hearing everyone’s own experience. 😉 I am glad you found your passion and a healthy way to fuel your body. I am slowly on my way as well! I can relate to everything you talked about ONCE AGAIN! I have had issues with my body and the way it looks. I myself was scared of that freshman 15 when I started college about 5 years ago. I would go to that same freakin elliptical and go go go! I wasn’t fueling my body either. I would come back to my dorm room and wait 30 minutes to eat because that’s what I thought I was suppose to do! Then I would dig into a jar of peanut butter…how ridiculous, then for dinner I would heat up a frozen meal…can’t get any more processed than that! LOL it’s just funny to see how we can change so much over such a short period of time. After researching and researching I found that eating clean was the only way and I loved it. It is still a learning process but I am feeling great and thank you so much for sharing and being so honest! We love it 🙂 PS. Bought some yeast flakes yesterday, can’t believe how much protein is in them!


  2. Hey Kasey! Loved your vlog, I watched it while eating lunch. I’m just prepping for my first show and loved getting to hear your take on competing. I’ve been lifting heavy for 3+ years and finally made the decision to compete. I’m also not going crazy cutting things out or doing anything really different than how I was before. When you’re a clean eater there’s not much to change.

    My goal is to compete in both figure and powerlifting this year to prove that women can be strong and beautiful.

    Keep inspiring others!

  3. Diana says:

    Hi Powercakes! I loved this vblog. I started my own blog because I did my first bikini competition in May this year. I’ve been lifting weights and I’ve admired bodybuilding (bikini competitors especially) for a few years now. I’ve NEVER dieted before because I had never felt the need to. During my competition prep I learned that I could eat ALOT and I felt AMAZING! I felt great through my whole prep up until the last 2 weeks when my calories were almost cut in half. I started to lose a lot of energy, but I was told that that was normal. I started to think about food a lot. I was obsessing over all the food I wanted to eat after my competition. I was even craving unclean food that I hadn’t really eaten in years. I wanted everything! After my show I binged a few times and I also fought feelings of wanting to binge. A couple months later I started to feel more normal again and I realized that those feelings were not right. It was my body trying to tell me that I was starving. I had plans to compete again in November, but now I decided that it’s not healthy for me. I know that I could probably try prepping differently, but I just don’t want to diet again. I’d rather just find my balance again and fuel my workouts because being a BEAST in the gym is the BEST feeling ever! More than looking super lean in a bikini.

    I was also worried about blogging about how I changed my mind, but now I’m inspired to tell my story and share my new journey of finding my healthy balance again. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. Felicia says:

    kasey…i freakin love you. keep spreading the inspiration and love! you rock girl. we totally need to crossfit together and just hang out. forrr real. 🙂

    i hope girls who are in that crazy deprivation phase of lifting and cutting out food will find your blog and get a wake up call to nourish themselves properly!!

  5. Sarah Kay Hoffman says:

    So coincidental that you put this up today, as my blog post was about the possible goal of competing myself. Thanks:)

  6. Melissa says:

    Kasey-you are adorable!! Log your blog and vlogs!!!!

  7. AWESOME Vlog, this was great, it is so important to nourish our bodies and this shows that you can still get results while eating whole foods 🙂

  8. Lisa says:

    This is so weird, because you look identical to one of my friends only she’s blonde ha ha. So crazy. Anyways, not about that but your vlog was very honest and I really appreciate that because I always wondered if after a competition the competitors felt and if they created any food anxiety or body insecurities. Its so important to nourish our bodies and food gives us energy not only for our workout but for simply living. Ha ha, I totally thought the freshman 15 was almost like a “plague” as well, like it was destined to happen, when I actually lose WAY too much weight. Now I’m working on balance.

  9. hello love!! Just watched this again… loved it! I am training for a show on June 22nd. I am so pumped and inspired to do this the right way. I have been eating clean (with a couple fun treats with family and friends) for almost 2 years and feel so strong and healthy. I may be emailing you soon, too, once I get my meal plan and “cut” information. I’d love to get your input and advice. You are so great. Don’t forget that 🙂

  10. […] into an upcoming post this week. I’ve shared mostly everything about my struggles with digestion, competitions, food intolerances, allergies, & day to day stories. But, there is one thing that I’ve been […]

  11. eevanburen says:

    Hi Kasey,
    I just found you through a google search I was doing for Gluten-Free Fitness Competitors. I have Celiac Disease, and I recently started training for a Bikini Competition. It is a goal of mine to do this competition, I dont want to go Pro or anything, but I really want to meet my goal! I feel that I am “eating well” and fueling my body with power foods. Typically I eat…

    1: 5 egg white/ gluten free slice of bread/ pnut butter
    2: rice cake/ tuna
    3: tilapia/ brown rice/ spinach
    4: chicken / brown rice / broccoli
    5: ground turkey / brown rice / avocado
    6: 5 egg whites

    I have been following my meal and workout plan given to me by my coach, but have not “felt” well. I eat all 6 meals and drink a gallon a day, but still have digestive issues, I didn’t have these issues prior to starting, I followed a fairly healthy GF diet. Before this “diet” I ate the above foods, as well as greek yogurt, nuts, fruits, and non green veggies. I ususally ate meat 1x a day. Wondering if you have any advice, I relate with what you were saying in your first comp, that you look great, working out like crazy, but you just didnt “feel right”

    would love your opinion if you have one! Thank you!

    Erin Van Buren

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