Friday favorites – Powerbowl lovin’ ! [1/10/14]

January 10, 2014 -
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Hey all! How has your week been going? I can’t believe how fast the days fly by! I’m excited to share with you some of my favorites from this week – which you may see a pattern form. It’s funny – I love me some salads (aka powerbowls) but with traveling I didn’t have as many since most meals were either out or with family that they prepared. SO once I got home I definitely got into my Powerbowl groove again with a new kitchen gadget! Before we get to that – guess who got a hair cut?!

Ok – so I didn’t really get a lot of length cut off BUT I did get a lot of layers added in! My hair has definitely gotten longer but needed some “OOMPH!” & volume added in for sure.

My (future sister in law) Jessie’s mother, Deb, is the head of a Cosmetology program at a local tech school. Her students are always looking for hair to practice with & my girl Jessie did an amazing job! I was so happy to not only give her some experience but who doesn’t love a good haircut & wash? 

Did you know that eating healthy fats helps with hair health?


Just another reason to eat PEANUT BUTTERRRRR! Not that I need an excuse to eat it – because it makes an appearance mostly every night – unless I switch it up with some sunflower seed butter. I tend to rotate my food choices daily so my body doesn’t over-do it. That’s what has cause allergy problems before (insert too many almonds daily here) so now I just make sure to switch up my eats daily so my digestion stays happy!#betruetoyou

Speaking of switching things up – I guess you could say I totally just contradicted myself becuase this week I think I’ve used the SAME Aladdin’s homemade dressing every day on a Powerbowl. Usually things like oils or seasonings I’m fine if I do them daily – but nuts/seeds I do switch up!

I swear – if you’ve ever had this dressing you know why It’s impossible to NOT crave it. 

Side Powerbowl with artichokes & dressing with a side of Papacakes homemade meatball (not meatballs since he likes to basically make them as big as a hamburger – ha!) on some black bean pasta with sauce. YUM! 

The next day I came across a kitchen gadget that I think we bought like 7 years ago at a Pampered Chef Party. It’s a salad chopper! Ya know, one of those kitchen tools you buy and then (sometimes) forget about? ;] BUT ever since finding it – It’s been making an appearance daily this week.

Fact: I LOVE super fine chopped veggies for powerbowls. I’m a total fan of salads in general but I love when they are chopped up super small. Plus it helps with my digestion too! 

Same combo of greens, artichokes, peppers, olives, dressing, nutritional yeast & roasted carrots! I also had a chopped wild tuna burger that I found at Whole Foods in the freezer section! SO good. 

Okay sooooo I may have had the same powerbowl two days in a row. (veg + olives + dressing + tuna burger) but DANG it was a delish combo that I craved all day! 

Most of my powerbowls were for dinner whenever I was able to take the time to make them at home but whenever I was out and about after work or working out – my VEGA Nutritional One Shakes are always super easy to keep in my bookbag to have with some fruit or a bar while I’m on my way home for dinner!

You can find VEGA on

Use coupon code XUG228 for first time users and you’ll get $10 off any order over $40 and $5 off any order under $40 on the whole website!

Also you can create your own coupon code to share the love with your family & friends!

Still taking my spirulina daily from Nutrex-Hawaii

You can use the discount code “PCTRUE25” for 25% off at Nutrex-Hawaii and I honestly highly recommend adding this to your day. I do not take a multi-vitamin because spirulina is FULL of natures power. It’s a FOOD and super easy to take in capsule form!

You can find a whole write up on my Trip to Hawaii where I learned all about this powerful food.

Not only do I love to share my Friday favorites food but I obviously love sharing some awesome people as well! =! ;] My girl Kayla started a blog and I am so excited for her! We met in NYC at the Under Armour What’s Beautiful event. We literally spoke for the longest time after the workout & I was so happy to have met her! She surprised me the other day with this beautiful shout out on her New Year blog post.

Speaking of surprises – every time I get a notifiation that I was tagged in an Instagram post I get super pumped to click on it! You all rock & I was so happy to see my girl @leighishee rockin’ her BE TRUE TO YOU tank in her recent post!


LOVE this quote too – I often say that speed bumps are NOT road blocks on our journey. If we stumble, it’s up to us to keep moving forward!

My girl at @Smalltownsweatin made my Pumpkin Egg Nog cookies! Thank you love – these look awesome!

AND last but not least – I’ve been videoing new workouts for you! And mamacakes jumped in on the action with my new Troy Barbell kettlebells & harbinger HumanX arm guards.

I’m off to get some baking done – I’ll be at a NuYu workshop this Saturday at a local chiropractor office. If you’re in the PGH area you can email me for information! I’ll have some Powercakes on hand & I’m doing a demo on Chia Jam!

Have a great Friday & special happy birthday shout-out to one of my best friends Sarah @TIUsarahm. She was in a scary car accident the other day but thank God came out of it with no injuries. So thankful that she is okay! Just goes to show – we really have to live life to fullest every day & also be aware of icy roads!

Be True To You,

XO Kasey

What is your Friday Favorite this week? Any new food product or fitness workout you’re loving!?

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