Power Cheat(treat) Meal & Lexi Yoga Interview!!

June 28, 2012 -
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hi all!

FIRST I wanted to share with you an exciting interview
I had with LEXI YOGA
while I was at the Conference in Colorado!!

She is awesome and totally into yoga
(something I need to get more involved in)

so here is our interview that she so kindly put together!


Thank you again Lexi!
(keep an eye out for a pretty cool
post from Lexi that I will be sharing!)

Yesterday my #FitFluential boyfriend & I
had a great chest/shoulder/tricep day!

I’m starting to see progress with my chest & I’m able to lift heavier!
Coming from the girl who couldn’t do one push-up 2 years ago,
this is super exciting for me!Winking smile

Also, just wanted to say THANK YOU to my amazing Instagram followers
who totally made my day yesterday because I’ve reached over 7,000 FOLLOWERS!

To go along with this,
I was sitting in a coffee shop last night replying to e-mails and one really stood out to me..

“Kasey, The fact that you used “power” before every recipe or meal made me realize
that my body really does need this food for fuel and that food is my friend, not enemy.”

so blessed to be helping others & spreading the word about my story & fueling your fitness!
This is why blogging is my passion. ♥ Inspire me to inspire you!!

is “cheat meal”

now, I’m not a big fan of the word “cheat” –
because I think that can be a negative word,
but I do like the word “TREAT” – so that’s how I look at it as! Winking smile


I think it’s important to incorporate meals into our weeks
that we don’t’ typically eat day to day.

now because of my allergies, I can’t really go all out
& eat fried food, breads, & candy.

They just make me feel icky.
BUT – that doesn’t mean they make YOU feel that way!

everyone’s body is DIFFERENT! Winking smile

But my favorite meal that I usually get once a week

Or a nice glass of red wine!
I’m not a big drinker but I do enjoy a glass of red wine every now & then!

Just like I enjoyed not too long ago
when I went to my brother’s softball game
& then out to eat with the family
for his birthday!

What is your favorite cheat “treat” meal!?

junechallenge thumbnail

ps. keep an eye out for my JULY CHALLENGE!! Winking smile

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