Week of Wellness 2016! My favorite week of samples starts June 13-16!

June 8, 2016 -
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Happy Wednesday, friends!! So excited to bring to you another WEEK OF WELLNESS with my friends from the Sampler! The free sampling event starts next Monday, June 13th & runs until June 17th.

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This month’s WEEK OF WELLNESS is a one week (June 13-17th) online event where you have the opportunity to discover amazing brands and send their awesome products to a friend.

You send a sample by RSVPing to see the calendar of the time & day that each company hosts their event on their Facebook page.  There are thousands of products in the sampling events and Flash Giveaways throughout the week to be claimed.

Before a sampling event starts I highly recommend that you go & “wish for” the sample. Wishing for a sample will let your friends and family know that you’d really like to receive the product.

Once the event begins, your friends will need to be on the right WOW WEEK tab on that Company’s Facebook back to “send you” the sample. We all recommend that you BUDDY UP up with a friend so you can make sure that you each get a sample.

You send one to them & they send one to you = WIN WIN!


To begin this whole process, you need to first RSVP.


This RSVP will enter you to into a giveaway to win a grand prize basket filled with prizes from the sponsors of the event and will also give you access to the Sampler calendar so you know exactly when & what time your favorite brands are holding their Sampler Event.


From Monday, June 13 – Thursday, June 13th multiple companies will be hosting Sampling Events where you can send samples to friends at certain times.

There are multiple Sampling events each day at the time and place listed on the calendar (which you access by RSVPing as indicated above). When the event starts, you will want to click through FAST when it goes live. (I swear these samplings go so quick you’ve to be one of the first ones!)

You can only send product samples to Facebook friends. That’s why I encourage you to buddy up & “wish for it” so if you want a sample, a friend will have to send it to you.

For example: if an event goes live at 11am, try to be there the second it turns 11 to click through & send your sample.

*Please note that the event does not happen on the Brand’s Facebook timeline, but on the WOW WEEK TAB on the brand’s facebook page.


There are some awesome brands participating & you will have the opportunity to receive them all if you are QUICK enough! Here is an overview of what you’ll be Sampling:


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Numi is a labor of love founded in 1999 by a brother and sister team of social business pioneers with a bold mission to offer ethically sourced, ecologically responsible, premium artisan teas and herbal teasans that give back to our global communities. Numi Organic Turmeric Teas are a full line of organic, fair trade, and caffeine free herbal teasan blends. Flavors include Amber Sun (blended w Rooibos and Cinnamon), Three Roots (with ginger, licorice, and rose), Golden Tonic (with lemon myrtle and lime, and Fields of Gold (with chamomile).


File_001 (2)

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, a family owned company based out of Coshocton, OH, is a line of American made, high potency omega-3 products. They use molecular distillation and carbon treatment to remove environmental contaminants from their products. Every single lot of Wiley’s fish oil ingredients and finished softgel products are tested for heavy metal content (lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic) by trusted independent, third party laboratories.


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Vitafive is a convenient, easy, and fun way to take vitamins. Vitafive was started by two 22 year old Texas Christian University students – work with a registered dietitian on developing the product. They have a unique process by allowing consumers to “build your own pack” of vitamins depending on which nutrients you’d like to receive.


File_002 (1)

nutpods are a family owned company on a mission to provide consumers superior taste without compromise. All of their almond/coconut blend creamers are shelf-stable and carefully crafted without sweeteners, GMOs, soy, carrageenan, or artificial flavors and colors. I love adding these to my coffee in the morning!


File_000 (4)

RELIQ PET is a gentle and easy rinse formula of mineral spa shampoos and products for dogs that are free of any harsh chemicals or parabens.

Some key points of these products:
– Long lasting odor control
– Natural fortifying minerals and vitamins
– Tear free and lick safe
– Promotion of a healthy coat
– Natural relief of itchy, scratchy skin
– Skin moisturizing and softening
– Groomer friendly formula—no more blistered or dry hands after daily use!
– Environmentally safe and cost efficient


So, as you can see, you have the change to sample all of these amazing items!

Again, I highly suggest RSVPing so you can be entered to win a gift basket filled with all of these great brands and get access to the sampling calendar so you don’t miss out on any of the great samples, buddy up with a partner, & keeping an eye on the schedule to be QUICK to the Company’s facebook pages when their samples go LIVE.

Thank you Sampler for partnering again & offering Powercakes readers a chance to participate!

Leave a comment below letting me know which product you’re most excited to send or receive.

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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