Winter Lucky Vitamin Haul!

January 17, 2017 -
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Happy Tuesday, all! Hope you’re having an awesome start to your week!

I’m back at it with another Lucky Vitamin Haul —> winter edition! Around each quarter I partner up with my friends at Lucky Vitamin to bring to you some of my top picks, how I utilize them in my day-to-day, & some deals that LV is running!


I often get texts or messages (just got one the other day!) from friends or family that ask about where to order certain products or product recommendations.

Sites like Lucky Vitamin are awesome because 1) they have a HUGE variety to choose from, 2) prices are great, & 3) shipping is quick!

Here are my top picks from this month:


1) Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin —> I can’t say enough good things about this stuff. At first I was hesitant like…um, what do I do with this? And now…I can’t go a day without it!

How do I use it? I make my (POWERCOFFEE) by blending with my Vitamix 1 serving of dark coffee + 2 TB of Vital Proteins + splash of creamer + Now Foods Stevia = heaven in a cup!

Blending coffee is a GAME CHANGER and the beef gelatin thickens it up to make an amazing foam on top. Beef Gelatin is also awesome because it has 17g of protein per 2 scoops, great for skin, hair, nails, digestion (game changer!), immune system, bones, and joints which I also talked about here in my 17 Days Of Giveaways with Vital Protein.


2) Primal Kitchen Almond Bars —-> These were new for me to try and they were pretty good! They definitely are very “sweet” but do have a good chocolate flavor. They are also SUPER chewy which I like, have 15g of collagen protein, & have chunks of almonds and dried fruit. If you like an earthy bar then this is a good go to.


3) Nikki’s Coconut Butter —> HEAVEN IN A JAR! If you haven’t tried coconut BUTTER you are missing out! This stuff is solid due to it’s healthy fat content but once heated up slightly melts perfectly on top of anything or once put on something cold, hardens back up for a coconut “shell” like on ice cream or a cold protein brownie!

4) Lily’s Stevia Chocolate —> I am a loyal fan of Lily’s for a while now due to their stevia sweetened chocolate options. This month I grabbed Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bar 70% Cocoa Sea Salt Lily’s Dark Chocolate 55% Premium Baking Bar, & the Lily’s Dark Chocolate Premium Baking Chips. I use these in baking & to snack on! #duh


5) Pur Sugar Free Chewing Gum Cinnamon & Peppermint —> My go-to stevia based chewing gum! The flavor lasts a while and also tastes great!

6)  I also got some NOW Hazelnut Stevia which I love for baking!

You can find all of the above products on & all of the current Specials, Sales, & Deals at this [link]!

Thank you LV for partnering up & be true to you,

xo Kasey

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    Thanks for another great post. I love hearing about different products and am always looking for new protein bars (my guilty pleasure). I am hoping to find a place that sells Vital Proteins around here…need to try that coffee recipe. Thanks Kasey!

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