WIAW,Take Out, Raw Stuffed Peppers.

April 4, 2012 -
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Hi guys! Winking smile

So I’m now on SPRING BREAK!
Which couldn’t come at a better time,
I really felt like I needed a little break from everything
& I admit, there is no place like home <3

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this break because I get to see my family & friends!
Today for example:
I’m headed to the gym where my mom works to do a circuit work out
& then meeting my Grandpa for lunch with my Brother!

Then headed to dinner with some friends!
Talk about a day of working out & food…
my favorite combination Winking smile

Speaking of FOOD, today is What I Ate Wednesday!
& APRIL is serve up an extra cup of VEGGIES!
Thanks to Jenn @ www.peasandcrayons.com
for hosting this healthy party!

I figured I’d go with the theme here
and show you how I like to incorporate MORE VEGGIES!

Last night we ordered from one of
our favorite restaurants for my dad’s birthday!

that you can EAT CLEAN while ordering TAKE OUT!

I ordered salmon & avocado cucumber roll (top left)
with some STEAMED shrimp & veggies that I served with my
Coconut Aminos instead of soy sauce! (top right)

My dad ordered his favorite sushi rolls with some brown rice & steamed shrimp & veggies!

Point for Dad on that one! Thumbs up

I also loved my fortune;
”Truth can be harsh, but it can be helpful.”

I always say that everybody wants honesty but nobody wants to hear the truth.
Sometimes the truth CAN hurt,
but personally I’d rather be told the truth instead of a lie.
in the long run, you’ll appreciate the truth more than the lie.

So the point is; once you face the truth,
it really is easier to move forward from that point!

been there, done that

(you can see my benefits of KALE post here
you can see my benefits of GRAPEFRUIT here)



1 Can of Tuna
3 TB of Nutritional Yeast
(check out my post about the nooch here)
1/4 Cup of Salsa of choice

1 Bell Pepper
1/2 chopped Avocado
Spinach Salad

Drain 1 can of tuna,
mix with nooch & salsa.

Cut pepper in half and remove seeds.

Stuff the peppers with the tuna mix
& serve over salad of choice!
(or over anything you’d like!)

I also topped mine with my favorite healthy fat –

It’s such a yummy combination!Winking smile

Hope you enjoy!

PS just got my pictures from my COMPETITION
& I uploaded some videos from back stage!
(you can see my EATS from my competition day here)

Can’t wait to share them with you!!

Would you rather be told the truth?

What’s your favorite food to “ORDER IN” ?

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13 responses to “WIAW,Take Out, Raw Stuffed Peppers.”

  1. Felicia says:

    great eats girly! take out can definitely be healthy, just have to be smart about your choices 🙂
    love the recipe too. eat the red peppers for me since i cant 🙁 hahah i’ll find some replacements 🙂 have a good day!

  2. love the food you got from take out! you’re right…it’s totally possible to eat healthy when out to restaurants 🙂

  3. Isabella says:

    The truth definitely hurts, but in the end is the best way! The bad thing is that most of the people don’t want to hear it :[

    If I “order in” I choose a salad because I can’t never find another healthy option. But you gave the best idea and also the best dish to order in a Japanese restaurant!! Thank you and enjoy your spring break!

  4. This all looks so good! Sushi is my favorite food to order in – but I’m actually going out for it tonight!

  5. Sushi is my favourite meal to order in! I almost never order in any other type of food.

    I’m so jealous that you’re on spring break! Have fun at home! 🙂

  6. Jessica says:

    Love the avocado/salmon/cucumber roll! Was it wrapped in cumber instead of rice? Such a smart idea!

    And I rarely order in…I just love cooking too much! And my gluten intolerance kind of ruins the whole “order a pizza on a Friday night!” kick. What can ya do, right? Hah! But if I did order in, it would probably be a bison burger on a lettuce bun! Yum 🙂

  7. That is so true- the truth can hurt sometimes, but most of the time it is necessary! I like the quote “what you eat in private shows in public” ha its kinda harsh but so many people can relate to it!

    I’ve never thought to do Tuna in stuffed peppers, I always to lean ground turkey. Thanks for the idea!!

  8. can’t wait to see your competition eats!! we barely ever order in… if we do, it’s because we are at my parents or my in-laws house! when i go out to eat, i love getting salads with some type of protein.. i love, love, love salads and love ordering them with various veggies that i may not typically keep on hand at home!

  9. Lisa says:

    Yep I’d always rather hear the truth even if it hurts. I always hated when I heard people talk about me behind their back when I can take the truth. I definitely prefer sushi when I eat out!

  10. It sounds so nice to be on spring break. I miss that! Your eats look so good. So clean and so healthy. I need to get better at my diet, i have been seriously slacking.

  11. Yay for spring break! That must feel pretty fantastic 🙂 Your eats are looking mighty tasty as usual lady… so healthy and nutritious but full of flavor! Enjoy your time at home!

  12. Julie says:

    This is PERFECT. I just bought tons of tuna and didn’t think of putting in some nutritional yeast.

  13. I love that saying! that’s what I tell myself at work when I’m asking for feedback. Sometimes it’s hard to hear what I need to work on, but that’s the only way to get better! Delicious eats 🙂

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