Weekend Favorites & Recent Eats!

December 9, 2014 -
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Hey all! I hope you had a great weekend & start to your week!

This weekend was full of some good eats, good training sessions, & some good memories. Anyone else have a tradition of decorating your tree each year? It’s always been my Mom & I who put up the ornaments, my Dad who puts up the actual tree, & when my Brother lived with us – we’d always make him put up a few sentimental ornaments as well.


Yesterday after work, my Mom & I had a chance to decorate the tree. We usually use bows at the top and then drape the ribbon down – I love it! Totally took in the moments as this will be my last Christmas living at home ;] #imabiggirlnow


This is the usual “are all of the lights working?” picture. Other than Tree decorating, I’ve got some other favorites from this week!

1) When your Fiance surprises you by posting this picture to Instagram…


He’s already about 30 pages into BODYpeace & I’m so thankful for his support in everything I do.

2) Pre-training snacks before DEADLIFT day! I am loving these knew Kill Cliff Bars – which I’ve also got a special recipe with these coming your way for our Days Of Giveaways next week! I chopped up a honeycrisp apple, sprinkled with cinnamon, & then had a Salted Caramel & Almond bar – talk about fall flavors!


3) Deadlifts – I love them.


Someone on Instagram asked if I could post a video with proper form – you can check out my YouTube video [here]!

4) THIS SONG! Have you heard it yet?


Oh my gosh, download it on spotify or itunes! It is so good. And while you’re at it – also download Chris Jamison (our hometown boy on The Voice!) and his two songs from last nights show “When I was Your Man” & “Sugar” to help him stay safe this week!

5) Enjoying a delish roasted red pepper wrap with peppers, spinach, pesto, mozzarella, & chicken! Side of Kill Cliff Lemon-Lime for the win.


I posted about this on Instagram, but for too long I used to have a rule of “restricted foods” and a meal I loved (wraps) got added onto that list. A journey towards BODYpeace is a journey of challenging yourself to eat foods for enjoyment & realize that you are fueling your body. With this meal I’ve got carbs, fats, & proteins – it tastes awesome – and my mind is at peace.

6) My new VEGA Mason Mug Рloving it! Used the new Chocolate VEGA ONE post-training.


7) Tis the Season for cute bows on your Niece pup! ;] I may be biased but isn’t she adorable?


8) Spaghetti dinners – yes please.


Whole wheat pasta topped with Whole Foods tomato basil sauce, organic mozzarella, roasted broc & onions, & tempeh.


Basically a “clean out the fridge & pantry meal” right there.

9) New bedding choice!! Ah, now that Corey & I are planning our lives together, it’s been so fun to not only plan wedding things but to also get some new things for our apartment. I love anything Navy & white, nautical theme, with a hint of yellow, grey, or coral. If you follow any of my Pinterest boards – you may see my wedding planning which shows navy & coral as our choices ;] can’t wait!

beddingI found this at Bed Bath & Beyond – aka best store ever.

I’m off to get some DIY projects painted (I’ll be sharing those once they are done!) and then to teach my afternoon bootcamp before I Coach. Have a great Tuesday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


What was a favorite from your weekend?



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