Trick Or Treat For Adults = Expo East 2014 [Recap]!

September 29, 2014 -
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Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend! It has truly been perfect “summer” weather here the past week and I will be sad when it’s gone. 80’s in (almost) October is fine by me! Speaking of October, can you believe we’re almost there? I think I’m a bit confused on my days because I feel like Trick Or Treat already happened for me at this years Expo East. If you have been there before – I think you can understand the amount of samples and company love you get to experience. To me, it’s the same feeling of going door to door looking for candy but in a grown-up foodie lovin’ fitness way.

Lauren, Heather, & I ready to tackle Expo East!

After the night of our BODYlove Baltimore event, we hit up Expo East! I’ve always heard about it but had yet to be a part of it. Now, I’m hooked! Not only did we get to try out so many products we love & new products – but we also got to see some of our favorite peeps from our favorite companies. One of them being – VEGA!

IMG_3643Their team is always super fun to run into, talk with, & take shots of their newly formulated Nutritional One Shake with! The things I would do to have VEGA on tap like all day every day…

This may be what heaven looks like.

Next stop was our friends at Crazy Richards Peanut Butter! This team is full of passion for their company & we came to find that it’s a family business where they all work. We got to chat with everyone & loved learning about some of their new products.

IMG_3644Peanut Flour (YES), Cashew Butter, & PB Burst (which has added boosters in it which they are going to be launching soon!). SO GOOD.



Next up we got to see our friends from the QUEST Nutrition booth! These girls were SO sweet & I also got to finally try out their chips! Which are quite delicious.

Ahh Purely Elizabeth – one of my favorite granolas! And to our surprise, Miss Elizabeth herself was there so we definitely had a photo opp.
Next up, EVERLY! So ironic because I found these green tea packets in Whole Foods and was telling Heather how much I loved them. The next thing I knew I got a text saying “come meet us! Everly wants to meet you!” I totally thought it was a woman named Everly waiting for my arrival until I got there and realized – ohhhhh this Everly!! ;] Haha either way would’ve been awesome but this team was such a trip. They are full of energy and so fun to hang with – it was hard to leave the booth!


Once I thoroughly went through my bag after the show – I was amazed at the new products I came across! Here are some highlights:







IMG_3626I would’ve easily eaten Hilary’s burgers alllllll day.

IMG_3627This Magic Mud toothpaste is a really cool concept – check out their site!


My Cause Water is also pretty cool – every bottle corresponds with a donation.

SUJA Juice was one of the main sponsors & this Strawberry mix was delishhhh.


This Hope Spreads Chocolate dip is TO DIE FOR. It’s made from garbanzo beans, cocoa, & coconut oil. So dang good.
So along with VEGA on tap, a Chia Co fridge wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Check it outttttt.

IMG_3624Chia oats & pods for days!

IMG_3625Cappello’s RAW cookie dough – I CANNOT. This was beyond amazing.


Dave’s killer bread was pretty killer. Made from all organic grains and at their demo for the press they topped it with avocado, lemon peel sea salt, & pistachios. A combo I would’ve never thought of but it was so dang good.



In the end, this day was from a dream ;] I love not only tasting like, every single sample, BUT learning about the people behind the company. Being a member of the press was great because I got to have some 1 on 1 time with some of the Owners or Developers of the products. I love asking them questions about how they started, why they started, and what their goals are. It’s pretty awesome to hear how many of them have personal stories as to why they want to make their products to help others.

If this is the new version of Trick Or Treat for adults, count me in!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey




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So tell me, have you ever experienced Expo East? (Or West?)