My Go To Summer Fits with adidas!

July 1, 2023 -
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I can’t believe it’s already here, my favorite time of year!

If you’re anything like me, soaking up the sun and warmer temperatures is one of my life’s greatest pleasures and my friends at Adidas are helping us dress the part.

I’ve put together some of my top go-to looks to share with you all with the help of my adorable fur-nephew, Gus, who is totally hired from now on…shout out to my bestie Gabs for letting me borrow her son for the shoot.


Pro tip: highly suggest putting a fanny pack waist bag ($28) on your dog to carry all the treats and poop bags, just saying.

My literal go-to everyday look is leggings and a crewneck sweatshirt or biker shorts with a crewneck. I’m loving this yellow color (on sale for $28!!) paired with the 3 stripes bike shorts that are super high waisted and a longer length to pull it all together

LOOK AT THAT FACE….ok ok back to the fit.

I’ve been on the hunt for a chunky white sneaker that not only can be worn with any outfit but also is comfortable and practical. 

I just wore these ZNCHILL Lightmotion+ running shoes (on sale for $60!) to run the other day and they felt like I was floating, I loved it! They are perfect for walks, runs, workouts, & wearing to work for long hours in the gym.

Corey and I both grabbed some of our top picks and I’ll link them for you below!

How adorable is that Coreflow Studio Medium Support Sports Bra ($28) pattern and ruffles? I’m also thoroughly obsessed with the Lounge Terry Loop women’s hoodie ($56) just as much as I love the crewneck and got it in an XL for an oversized fit.

Corey’s top picks were the Wide Headband ($18) for his mullet he’s been growing, the On The Run Shorts ($21) for the gym and lounging, & the Prisma Print Polo ($26) for work!

I have to say, all of these pieces are super affordable and the quality with adidas is always spot on.

I think Mr. Gus agrees and was totally diggin’ his new fanny pack for the Summer.

Feels good to be back on the blogging vibes – more to come!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey