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May 25, 2013 -
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good morning everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend! I have a busy one full of family, friends, & a bridal shower today. I hope you got a chance to check out my [guest post] from Laura yesterday – isn’t she adorable? Gosh, she is FULL of light & it is contagious!

Today I just wanted to send a little message your way. The other day I was, of course, watching The Chew! I absolutely love this show & it would totally be my dream to be on it one day Winking smile Anyway, they were featuring bloggers & I loved hearing all of their stories! They asked one of the bloggers what her best advice would be to other bloggers and she said,

 “Embrace what makes you different.”

This hit home with me because, as you know, I always say “BE TRUE TO YOU” & less judgment – more acceptance. “Different” is not always a bad thing – I think different is #WHATSBEAUTIFUL about each and every one of us.

This week I also had my weekly chat with my soul sister Heather & she mentioned about letting my light shine through – I kept repeating this over & over again any time I needed a jolt of motivation. Hearing both of these sayings in the same day was a sign that I was meant to share that message so I took a smiley selfie for a reminder to myself to not let anyone dull my light.

Most often WE are the ones who dull OUR OWN light because we think we are “not good enough” or our dreams are “too big” and we’d never reach them. Ever have these negative thoughts? I know that I have & whenever I do, I think to myself, “Don’t let anyone dull my light – I was meant to shine.”


When I say “shine” I doesn’t always mean being center stage under the lights with a lead role, especially since whenever I was in musicals growing up I always just wanted to dance & be in the group chorus Winking smile BUT we all have “different” gifts inside of us that we are meant to share with others. The more we are positive, the more likely we are to shine & therefore make those around us shine.

What’s Beautiful is letting
your own light shine to others –
no matter how “different” your shine may be.


Enjoy your weekend!


Red heart Kasey

What makes you shine? Share it below!

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6 responses to “Saturday Shine!”

  1. Allie says:

    Love this inspiring message! I just started blogging about my adventures in running and found your post really helpful. Thanks for sharing that it’s ok to be unique!

  2. phoebe says:

    Kasey, I love this message. however, I sometimes find it hard to embrace my “differences”.. for example, my acne persists to reside on my face after 7 years 🙁 and i worked out really hard in the past two months, ate healthier, and ended up gaining both weight and body fat 🙁

    I’m not trying to refute your statement – in fact, I love it 🙂 just want to share how sometimes it’s hard to embrace sth that I dislike… plus I’m persisting to work out / eat clean, but I’m losing faith… scared that I’ll end up gaining again the next time I do bodycheck…

    • Phoebe, thank you for being so honest! I truly believe that what you said above is what’s beautiful about our differences. We are not perfect – I too struggle with things that you may struggle with but I think it’s how we choose to react to these situations that can lead us to dull our shine. For example, I have pimples on my chin but instead of letting it get me down – I trust that my body is going through some changes and I am still able to spread my gift regardless of those pimples on my chin. When it comes to your weight gain – maybe your body is trying to tell you that it’s happier at a certain weight/body fat. I have found that I weigh more now than I ever did but I am stronger now and happy. I know that I work hard and eat well but I accept that my body is happy where it’s at and feels good. I think if we change our outlook on the situation – things could change with in us maybe causing positive effects on your body. The less I stress over body changes, the more my body feels better because of the lack of stress. Therefore, I am not dulling my shine. I hope this helps :] Just because you aren’t seeing what you’d like to see – doesn’t mean you can’t still share your “different gift” that you posses with others <3

  3. LOVE!! I AM ENOUGH! 🙂

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