Resistance Band Lunge Rotations! [Workout Wednesday Video]

June 25, 2014 -
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Hi all! Happy Workout Wednesday! Before we get to the workout of today, wanted to let you know that tomorrow we’ll be making the big road trip to move Corey in for his new job! How ironic that it is in Rhode Island where Heather just so happens to live about 20 minutes from where he’ll be. Meant to be?

Any who – pumped to share that experience with everyone and for the exciting things to come!

Now onto working out – actually just had a meeting with my web designer & we’ve got some fun things in the works for the next couple of months! On top of writing a book, hosting a retreat, Training Clients, & Strength Coaching – I’ve also been working on a project for the site & I can’t wait to share it with you all! Being passionate behind what you do everyday just makes it that much more enjoyable for me to bring new content, tips, & services to you all!

Speaking of The GLOW Retreat, don’t forget you can still order your ticket for the August 22-24th Retreat!


I’ve been using one of our sponsors, Harbinger Fitness, resistance bands for a ton of workouts lately. Incase you missed last weeks post, you can check out the Partner Plank Pull Downs [here]!

Band Image


My GNC ladies have been crushing workouts with them in the park & today they are bringing to you Resistance Band Lunge Rotations.


Power Tips!

  • Have your partner hold a plank while you rotate & then switch after 60 seconds on each side!
  • Keep your arms straight as your rotate or do more of a “pressing” motion at your top angle.
  • Watch your lunge form & make sure you are pushing through the HEEL of the foot.
  • Enjoy & have fun!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


Do you have a favorite resistance band move?