Partner Plank Resistance Band Pull Downs! [Workout Video]

June 18, 2014 -
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Good morning all! Hope you’re having a great week.

Just an FYI – The GLOW Retreat is about 2 months away & we are getting SO excited about what the weekend will consist of! Just incase you missed our Q&A – you can check it out [here] to learn all about this summer’s Retreat that you don’t want to miss!


One of our awesome sponsors, Harbinger Fitness & HumanX Gear, are not only going to be providing some equipment for one of our workout sessions, but have also sent me some Resistance Bands that I truly use in my own training or with clients DAILY.


With being an on-the-go Trainer, having equipment like the Resistance Bands is a perfect way to take a workout anywhere.

Band Image

Over the new few weeks I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite Resistance Band “POWERMOVES” that I do with myself & with my clients as well! Today I’ve put together a video for you on “Partner Plank Pull Downs” that you can do on your own if you wrap the band around something stable above your head, OR you can do them with a partner (that you trust won’t let go of their grip Winking smile) be safe, people!

To add a challenge – have the “holder” hold a plank position. I had my GNC ladies do this for 60 seconds and then switch positions 4 times so each lady got to do it twice!

Important Factors:

  • Keep the core TIGHT.
  • Press your lower back against the mat or floor so your core is engaged the entire time.
  • Have enough resistance that when you pull down, it’s a challenge!
  • Make sure to drop your legs as low as you can WITHOUT your lower back popping up.
  • Did I mention to keep the core tight? Yes – do that!

Change the “I can’t” to I WILL and get after it!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


What is your favorite Resistance Band POWERMOVE?!