Recent Eats – Butternut & Black Bean Brown Rice Wrap!

June 18, 2013 -
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Good morning everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday! I just wanted to start off by saying THANK YOU so much for all of the love & support from yesterday’s #WhatsBeautiful post. The comments from my blog, twitter, facebook, & instagram were overwhelming in such a good way! There was also an awesome #WhatsBeautiful twitter chat last night where there was so much motivation & inspiration floating around it could get anyone excited to reach their goals.


Today I wanted to share some recent EATS! Aka: I have so many pictures on my iPhone that I needed to make some room, ha! Anyway, even with the approaching photo shoot, I didn’t do anything crazy to get ready because I knew that I’ve been consistent with my healthy eats while enjoying the food I’m eating as well! I truly embraced the #BETRUETOYOU and didn’t really switch up anything that I knew my body was liking.


The night I found out about the photo shoot, I met with my client & friend @GNC_Kelly!
We both ate our weight in homemade hummus & raw veggie plate
while also enjoying two HUGE (unpictured) salads!

We touched base after her awesome weekend while she biked the MS 150. I was so proud of her accomplishment! We talked about new goals & also some things that she’d like to work on. We got into a real serious convo about how we all deal with similar body hang-ups even though people on the outside looking in don’t see what we see when we look in the mirror day in and day out. It was comforting to know that we are not alone in our thoughts.

 Just another example of giving ourselves more credit
& knowing that we ARE enough!

Last week was also a week I was working summer camp! I am a camp coach 4 weeks out of the summer where we play games all day & then I was in charge of the craft session during free time. My key chain making skills are really coming along.


If only my nails looked as good as my key chains Winking smile


In true camp style, we ate lunch in the grass!

In the beginning of the week I cooked up some tri-color quinoa (got in the Whole Foods bulk bin section) , roasted some veggies, & then added some avocado & coconut aminos! #BOOM – easiest lunch ever! I also cooked up some rosemary brussel sprouts in a medium heat pan with coconut oil & garlic for an easy dinner side-dish!


I would prep it in the Tupperware the night before and keep it in the fridge then throw it into my lunch box on the way out of the door. So simple!


Want to know something that completely made my day?

Friday’s at camp are always “impersonation day” where the kids can dress up like someone else! Two of the girls on my team dressed up like me! Ah! I was so excited. I couldn’t get over the details they put into their outfits as well – high black socks, black shoes, athletic shorts, zip up hoodie (it was chilly most of the week), headbands, & messy buns! Oh & my girl Tricia (on the right) wore her Powercakes tank & colored her nails just like mine in the above picture.  She colored hers all messy with one sparkly bling nail. Not only was it a reminder that I needed to re-do mine, but it did make my day to see these adorable ladies put so much thought into their Coach Kasey outfits! Winking smile 

That weekend I headed out for a girls night with my friend Rachel. It was nice to have a relaxed night out to dinner after a week of camp! We headed to my favorite place, Eden, & got some amazing eats!


Started out with their RED juice.

Included beets, tomato, apple, carrot, & ginger.


Our app of choice was dehydrated pea pods with a pumpkin seed & basil dipping sauce.


Rachel got this yummy Kale salad with wild rice, almonds,
goji berries, edemame, & pan seared tempeh.
Um, it was amazing. I will be getting this next time for sure!


I got the marinated portobello mushroom stuffed with a cauliflower & kale “rice”
with a smoky sunflower sauce topped with coconut ricotta!



After an amazing dinner we headed to the Riverhounds Soccer game!
We both are soccer fans, and I’ve played since I was 8 so we thought we
would take advantage of the beautiful warm night & enjoy some soccer.

The next day was my grocery shopping & food prep day!

After a Father’s Day brunch I headed to my favorite place, the grocery store.

Upon walking in I spotted FIGS!!!!!


I love love love figs & bought a bunch. I’ve been enjoying these every morning.

I also prepped some butternut squash and I believe on Pinterest I saw a yummy looking butternut & black bean combo which made me crave it. So I used my normal way of my Butternut & Basil Brown Rice Wrap with a new twist!



-1 Brown Rice Wrap

-4 slices of butternut squash

Wash, chop, & roast at 350 for about 45 minutes until tender.

-1/2 cup of black beans

-Roasted Red Pepper

-1/2 of an avocado

-Green OnionIMG_4395


-Spread the 1/4 of the 1/2 avocado on the bottom of the wrap

-Top with the above ingredients

-Roll up tightly & brown in a medium heat pan on both sides similar to a Panini style.

-Top with chopped peppers & extra avocado.

-I also had some salsa on top!


As you can see, I definitely do not hold back from enjoying some of my favorite foods! Even when I look back through the pictures I notice the colorful choices I make and how my body really enjoys them. There really is no one-size-fits-all “diet” or “food choices”. Just find what works for you & the foods you enjoy that your body will also love!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Red heart Kasey

What is your most recent favorite food?

Do you eat a lot of colors?

Quote of the day:

Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you,
and in the end you are sure to succeed.”

-Abraham Lincoln