#PP Out To Eat!

October 23, 2012 -
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Hi all!Red heart
Hope you enjoyed your Monday!
I had a great time subbing –
I was able to teach
Zumba to my students again!

Also, I hope you had a chance to enter the Real Food Barre GIVEAWAY!

We’re really on a roll here with the #plantPOWER

Heather & I are loving it so much;
The support & creative ideas are awesome!

Day 21 Was ON TO GO so after school I snacked on some fresh figs!
My favorite fruit everrrrrrrrrrrr.

This weekend I also enjoyed natures candy with some
pumpkin spiced coffee from Trader Joes with a side of blogging.

Then the boy & I headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and take a walk!

With a combo of the gorgeous weather, my Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s,
my boyfriend, and the energy from the coffee & figs –

It was a perfect way to start my sunday!

Today is Day 22 of the #plantPOWER Challenge


A week or so ago, I attended my friend Erin’s
STRONGER THAN SARCOMA fundraiser for her brother.
Similar to the one I hosted for her in September,
but this time Erin was the host – and did an amazing job!

I’ll let you try to find me, mid zumba dance.
right next to my
bittie & mamacakes #duh

Oh yeah AND they raised over $3,000!!
How amazing!

So happy for Erin & her family to be able to
use that towards her brother’s treatment.

After doing group fitness for a few hours; we were STARVING.
So we headed to one of my favorite restaurants around the college!
Which I’m now an Alumni – weird?? Winking smile

Bittie & I had matching salads minus the feta for me to keep it plant based!

I have to admit, feta is the one thing I do miss.
I’m doing totally fine without meat,
but there may be some feta re-introduced
at some point to see how I react to it.

I’m just being honest, as always! Winking smile

Marinated Portobello Mushrooms over greens, tomato, red onion, & artichokes!
With LOTS of kalamata olives on the side
(my favorite thing ever and totally gave that salty kick to replace the cheese fix)
And some of their homemade balsamic dressing – TO.DIE.FOR.

Oh, and they have the most amazing homemade hummus ever.
Every day they have a different flavor; we lucked out with Lemon Basil!!
I asked for extra veggies instead of pita; & obvi no feta for me.
And I may or may not have had more olives.

therefore, this is PROOF that you can
totally be #plantPOWERED while out to eat!


What’s your favorite #plantPOWER go to meal while out to eat?

Do you find it hard to make healthy choices while out to eat?

From a fellow waitress; I don’t mind when people make substitutions
because I know what it feels like & completely understand!