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October 5, 2012 -
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Today is BLUE theme for PLANTPOWER!

I wanted to feature the girl
who totally inspired me to eat more raw colorful foods.
Amber Zuckswert


I met Amber at the FHBC 12 Conference this year.
She was a total sweetheart and we talked forever!

along with some other awesome bloggers!

Here’s a little bit about Amber!

She is an online and live pilates/yoga instructor,
holistic nutrition lifestyle coach,
professional dancer, raw vegan super foodie,
offering workshops/retreats worldwide,
helping you create your most epic self, mind, body and spirit.


I asked her some #plantPOWER questions!

Q: What is your experience with plant based nutrition?
I’ve been a high raw (95%) vegan for the past three years after extensive study in nutrition.
I grew up eating an animal based diet, so the switch to vegetarian, vegan and soon after raw vegan,
was absolutely transformative in every aspect of life.

Eating plants took my athletic ability, mental focus and spiritual clarity to the next level.
I currently educate, privately coach and lead retreat and workshops world wide.

Q: Why do you eat plant based?
A:  Because it makes me feel the most alive.
I had no clue idea how good I could feel until I dove deep into the plant kingdom.
I will never go back. Once you get a taste of your true human potential, their’s no going back.
The environmental impact of the meat and dairy industry is another massive reason.
And of course the way animals are treated in our current industrialized farms and slaughterhouses.
If the slaughter houses had glass walls, we’d all be vegan.

Q: What are the benefits of plant based?
Humans might be able to absorb animal protein,
but that doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient or clean burning.
Plants burn much cleaner in the body,
allowing you to absorb more energy and nutrients from the food.
Clean arteries, endless energy, radiant skin, easy weight management, and lean muscle mass.
Plants are packed with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals that aren’t found in animal products.

Check out her awesome #plantPOWER #powerbowl

What’s in Amber’s #powerbowl?


She definitely ate a rainbow!

Here is where you can find this FitFluential RAWkstar Winking smile
Twitter: @epicself
FB: www.facebook.com/amberzuckswert
Website/Blog: www.epicself.com
Instagram: @epicself
Pinterest: Amber Zuckswert
Youtube: www.youtube.com/epicself

Join Amber for her latest 3 week ecourse “Detox Your Life.”

A 1.5 hour live streamed class each week devoted to detoxing your home,
nutrition and even social circle.

Plus, every student receives a free 45 min unique wellness
consult to kick off the course.

Register here: http://epicself.com/move/detox-your-life-3-week-e-course/


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