PowerMeal A Day;Nighttime POWERSNACKS

June 14, 2012 -
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Hi all!Winking smile

before I get into my Nighttime Powersnacks

I wanted to share with you some goodies…
The amazing JILL HANNER sent me some awesome
NRG packets that I can’t wait to try!!
I’m always up for anything natural & sweetened with stevia!

And I also got my VALSLIDE workout equipment for
My Bikni Body Express program!
Thanks to FitFluential & Valerie Waters! Winking smile
I can’t wait to get into this –
I’m going to start incorporating these workouts ASAP!

I also went to whole foods the other day with one of my best friends Kate!
Who is leaving me to go be a big girl at a new job in a new city
Red heart

and we had an AMAZING boxed lunch;

I got grilled chicken, roasted veggies, garlic kale, coconut & cashew brown rice,
and Mediterranean coleslaw with a side of starbucks!

How can you go wrong?
Best friend + Whole Foods + Starbucks = Winning

Anyway, pretty cool day yesterday
filled with goodies & good times!

So speaking of food;
some of my favorite POWERMEALS are


You can check out my post here
about how I break the myth about eating after 7pm.

I always try and eat some type of protein & healthy fat
as my last meal to sustain me throughout the night,
or else I wake up starving!

It’s probably not the best idea to eat a huge
hamburger & fast food fries right before bed…
but I see nothing wrong with a

or one of my Cottage Cheese “Powerbowls

*Cottage cheese topped with
healthy chocolate sauce,
cinnamon, & walnuts!

try some Greek yogurt mixed with Chia seeds,
cinnamon, stevia, & pumpkin!

Or you can make some
Avocado Power Pudding!
1/2 avocado
1 scoop of vanilla sunwarrior protein powder
1/4 cup of almond/coconut milk
(or more depending on how thick you want it)
& some stevia!
*blended in my magic bullet & topped with CHIA SEEDS!

I’ve also added 1TB of Cocoa Powder
to make it
Chocolate Power Pudding


If you think about it this way…when you sleep, you’re body is essentially “Fasting”
for anywhere from 6-10 hours before you eat your next meal.

Now I don’t expect you to get up every 2 hours while you’re sleeping to keep up your metabolism,
but what I am saying is that it is important to eat something
that is slow digesting before bed that will also help with your muscle repair while you sleep!

Then you wake up with energy,
especially if you’re an early morning worker-outer Winking smile

This was a huge myth with my high school students;
they all heard about the “don’t eat after 7pm” craze
& I love being able to TEACH them what the facts really are.

now I’m not advising to eat a huge meal before bed,
because that would be tough to digest throughout the night,
but I do eat a small snack before bed
to repair throughout the night!

so I can’t wait to see your Nighttime POWERSNACKS!

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