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June 19, 2012 -
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Hi all !
If you haven’t entered my
you have 1 week to do so!! Winking smile

Today’s June POWERMEAL A DAY topic is


Great WHOLE FOOD carbs that help restore energy in your body include
VEGGIES, yams, oats, brown rice, rice cakes, and fruits.

The CARBS you want to avoid are processed carbs.
Your body does not know how to properly process these
overly processed carbs –
(quite a “process” Winking smile)
so they can be stored as fat instead of used for energy!

Here is a great article  from LiveStrong.com on why Carbs are important

Carbs are also very important right after a work out!

Combining a carb source with your protein shake
helps get the protein to your muscles quicker!

”The quick insulin spike (from a carb) is what replenishes your muscles
with glycogen and thus results in immediate glycogen replacement.
So by consuming carbohydrates that are higher on the glycemic index
we have accomplished our goal of replacing any glycogen lost during exercise.”

That is why it’s great to make a POWER SMOOTHIE
with protein powder and fruit after a workout,
or you can try one of my favorite options…

Gingerbread POWEROATS


Rice cakes with protein shake as the “milk”

“Sweet Potato Pie”

Sugar cookie POWEROATS

or why not try a POWER PUMPKIN ROLL?


All of these options are great combos of healthy CARBS & Protein!!
Perfect for muscle building post-workout or any time of the day! Winking smile


What is your FAVORITE CARB?

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3 responses to ““PowerMeal A CARBday””

  1. I love oats! They are so versatile. I may have to try those sugar cookie poweroats 😉

  2. Sam says:

    Hey! Firet of i alove your bkog and get so excited when u post any recipes ir just post at all! Second i have a few ?s. i myself LOVE a huge bowl of oats or sweetpotatie and pumpkin. Hiwever ive heard alot about pumpkin and rice cakes havin a high glycemic inde and not being the being the best choice? Can you explain this to me im very confused lol also is it true even the hewlthy carbs such as oats and swet potatoes get turned into sugar and store as excess fat? Is ther anytime of say u recocimend to stay away from carbs?

  3. Jay says:

    I like your blog but sometimes I find it very hypocrital. You preach about not fearing carbs, when you barely seem to eat them outside vegetables and fruit. Your lunch is always meat with vegetables, without a carby side (rice etc.). Same thing with fat – ”do not fear the fat!!!” but you only use egg whites …

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