Power Move Monday with my girl @Average2Athlete Kayte!

December 23, 2013 -
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Good morning everyone! Safely in South Carolina visiting family after a 10 hour road trip.

Started the morning off yesterday snacking on Persimmons! They were 5 for $5 at Whole Foods the other day and I couldn’t pass them up. Probably one of my favorite fruits! We were stopping for breakfast a few hours into the trip so the persimmons & banana made for a good brunch appetizer.

Everytime I’m here I go to my favorite gym called the Body Shop! They have AWESOME classes with amazing trainers. We did a “weights” class today where you have a partner. While one partner does weights & your partner is doing a cardio burst.

Some examples were 1 legged deadlifts, push press, pull ups, & chest press and some cardio bursts were jump squats, lunge jumps, burpee pull ups, & squats. Just to name a few! I love the challenge of this class.

I, per usual, was craving a iced coffee post workout while I ran through the rain in my favorite Micro Mantis UA shoes. It’s 65 and rainy down here!

My monday started off with some power moves so now it’s time to share some with you!

Over the weekend my girl Kayte from @Average2Athlete was in visitng so we filmed some POWER MOVES to share with you!

One legged TRX Burpee with optional jump.

1) Make sure to keep the weight of the foot in your heel as you power through up to the jump.

2) You should feel the power come through your hamstring & glute.

3) Make sure to squeeze the core the whole entire movement to stabalize.

4) When you bring your other leg up to burpee there is an optional knee drive which is a quick controlled movement.

5) Challenge yourself to 10-15 reps per side! 

Just played around on the jacobs ladder in between sets! Not everyone’s favorite piece of equipment but we liked the challenge! I suggest doing intervals on this machine because it can really get your heart rate up. 60 seconds in between sets would be a good challenge! 

The higher your climb, the faster it goes!

Kayte is a strong lady rockin’ the Incline pull ups! Then I came along to really bust out my moves ;] haha 

If you can’t tell – we had a good time working on some moves & videoing! Fitness should be enjoyable & although we definitely get in the “zone” when we power up our workouts, it’s always fun to get ideas & feed off of each other’s energy!

So definitely check out my girl Kayte & her friend Julia on their Instagram @Average2Athlete for some awesome workouts they post! 

We’re off to go see Anchorman 2 – have you seen it yet?? Half of us are going to see that while the other half see’s Frozen! It’s funny, there are 13 of us (14 if you include little malti-poo Kennedy) so you have to imagine the organized chaos moments that happen with all of us together. For example we’ve already had to google, “How to fix a wet iPad.” 

For the record…it wasn’t mine ;] sometimes 10 year olds forget to bring them inside before the rain comes. Ha! I think we’re just getting started – gotta love it! <3

Then grabbing dinner later on. 

Have a great Monday!


xo Kasey

Any new power moves you’ve been rockin’ lately? Would love to hear about them!