#plantPOWER Grocery Prep List!

September 28, 2012 -
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hi all! So in honor of #plantPOWER Challenge starting on Monday;
Heather & I wanted to share with you a few ideas
for PLANT BASED FOODS for the challenge!

This is just a summary of foods;
there are a lot more out there to discover! Winking smile




Carbs don’t have to be grains – fruits & veggies are carbs along with
coconut flour having some “carbs” from the fiber content!


Lots of veggies!

* Artichokes, organic pickles, coconut flour, berries,  unsweet sunflower milk,
FIGSSSSSSS, coconut milk, organic yams, & some kambucha drinks!

*Organic BEANS in a BOX! love seeing this!
*Fresh ground coff, puffed rice to top my powerbowl smoothies with,
bananas, organic kraut (great for digestion), SQUASH– OMG obsessed,
more figs, pineapple, pumpkin, sundried tomatoes, frozen greens

*Also got an www.Iherb.com order with raw cacao, pump seeds, & cacao nibs!!

Feel free to use my coupon code XUG228 for a
$10 discount on a $40 order
or $5 off any other first time order!!

*Also big shout out to DAVID’S TEA!
Can’t wait to try all of these flavors –
Lime gelato, forever nuts, & black tea!

Are you prepping for #plantPOWER!? Winking smile

We have so many cool prizes, recipes, & plant power lovin’ to share!!

Keep an eye out for the Official Image coming later on!!