Plank Leg Kicks & Weekend Powercakes!

February 17, 2014 -
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Hey all! How was your weekend? To me, no weekend is complete with out some Powercakes!

Gotta love being home on a Sunday morning to be there for Papacakes famous breakfasts. I swear that is where I learned all of my breakfast food making skills. AKA – old bay & dill on eggs all day every day…with exception of the above picture.

I was in the sweet breakfast mood.

Buckwheat Powercakes made with APS Vanilla Chai Veggie Protein Powder, bananas, buckwheat flour, & eggs topped with grass fed butter & 100% pure maple syrup.

I really have to get my Dad to write down recipes because in our family, we tend to bake like we cook. We through things in and hope they work out – and his pancakes never disappoint! This means I will definitely need to watch him next time to get this recipe!

Side of dippy eggs because I love me some yolks.

What is your favorite weekend breakfast?

I was fueled up this morning for some conditioning which consisted of

4 Rounds of 200m Row + 15 Push Press followed by some Leg Plank Kicks for today’s Power Plates Challenge!


How To:

  • Start in a plank position.
  • Drive one knee in on the plate.
  • Take leg back out & kick up that leg as you contract your glute.
  • Make sure to keep the core tight as you use your whole body (especially legs & low back) to initiate the movement.
  • Repeat 10-15 or 20 reps on one leg & then repeat on the other side!
  • Looking for a challenge? Try it on your elbows!
  • Holy moly, these things get tough when you drop it low.
  • The movement will be smaller so don’t worry – totally fine! Definitely a challenge but you can do it!.
Can we talk about thoughts of the day?
This morning I had a huge meeting with some peeps on a Google Hangout and I am feeling very blessed to be supported by such positive people. It’s true – surround yourself with others who lift you up and you do the same to them is truly a blessing.
I am taking some next steps towards something that will not only help others but truly take my passion to my business. I cannot wait to share and I promise to keep you up to date – working to have things ready to go by April so keep those eyes out!! WOO!
These past few years have been quite a roller coaster trying to find my direction in life. Each day is something new & different but I now feel like I am so on track & everyday I wake up excited to move forward. You all help with my motivation so thank you!
Keep up your amazing work & have a great start to your week!
Be true to you,
xo Kasey
What is your favorite weekend breakfast?

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9 responses to “Plank Leg Kicks & Weekend Powercakes!”

  1. jillconyers says:

    My favorite weekend breakfast lately has been different varieties of oats-n-eggs bowls. I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to next! I’m slowly but surely finding a direction in life that is a bit different from what I ever expected. It’s a journey.

    • Kasey says:

      AH oats and egg bowls sound amazing!! And yes I think life is such a journey and it’s alwayssss changing but we both follow our passions and that’s what makes it so enjoyable!

  2. GiselleR says:

    I love pancakes and turkey on the weekend. Actually, I love them everyday but I only have time to make them on the weekend lol
    The buckwheat powercakes look AWESOME and will prob be added to next weekend’s breakfast menu 😀

  3. Andrea says:

    Kasey, thank you for sharing! Do you find that you like the APS veggie protein as much or more than Vega Sport or Vega One. I am looking for another veggie protein to try as I need to stay away from milk products right now due to sensitivities. Any others you could suggest would be great!

    • Kasey says:

      Hi Andrea! I actually like them both! I’m always switching things up so I’ve been able to try a few different ones and those are my top two for sure!

  4. ANel says:

    I love eggs any day of the week but my other favorites are pancakes and bacon!!!

  5. Hmm banana pancakes are my favorite! Never really made them at home, I wonder what they taste like with whole wheat. Add some bacon and and a glass of milk and i’m in heaven haha!

  6. Delicious says:

    Super cook power cakes for my powerful body – i love to have such healthy snacks post work out and it help me a lot to retain in shape, i love cakes but these days i look for my healthy diets to taking these stuff only.

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