Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend Recap 2014! #Run4Kyle

May 7, 2014 -
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Happy Wednesday all! I hope you had a great start to your week! I hit the ground running the day after the half so I’m just getting a chance to fill you guys in!  What a powerful weekend it was.


We started off Saturday with a trip to the Expo to get our race bibs & take in the experience. I had an awesome time working it last year but this year it was cool to be on the “runner” side of it all.

photo 1111

You could just feel the energy throughout the room & I loved everything that Dick’s Sporting Goods had set up for the attendees with the “Every Runner Has A Reason” theme!


This wall was a place where you could write what your reason for running was. We made sure to find a spot for #RUN4KYLE.


Then we moved to a board that had every single runner’s name listed. With an “A” last name it was a bit easier to locate than Kaitlin’s “G” last name Winking smile I also found my friend Rosalind & her husband Dan close by!


We ran into a bunch of friends throughout the expo as well! My loves from The Leukemia & Lymphoma society!

photo 2929

The beautiful miss Amanda from Run Intended!


And my new friend, Ally! How gorgeous is her hair? For real.


Definitely had to stop by the #RUNFOR booth to a picture!


Kait using her Elementary Ed skills to craft a lovely poster Winking smile


After the Expo – I grabbed an afternoon pick-me-up on the way to a Celebration for Kyle!


It was packed full of so many people there to celebrate Kyle’s life & support the Scholarship in his name.


After the event, I headed home to make some Pizza & Cookies for miss Jen & I to fuel up with!


I found a gluten free pizza crust mix & topped it was veggies, feta, & fresh basil. I also made some Trail Mix cookies (recipe coming up on a next post!!)


The next morning we were up at 4am to get some pictures & fuel up before we left for the city. I obviously was too tired to lift my whole top layer off so this half up half down shirt situation will do.

vega snacks

I personally can’t eat too much before I run or workout, for that matter, in the morning. It’s just how I am & what works for me! (be true to you). So I had two rice cakes with coconut oil & cinnamon as well as a banana. I brought along some VEGA bars to snack on as well! So yum.

6am selfie

530am parking garage selfie before heading to meet up with some other runners!


Rockin’ the #RUN4KYLE tanks & getting ready to go.


6am Bittie pic! Having my girl there to give us a pep-talk before starting was exactly what we needed! Ps she ran a 1:29 half that day – AMAZING.

photo 1

The view of the starting line.

corral crew

My corral buddies! Brittany, Kait, Dan (bittie’s fiancé!), & myself.

Before you knew it – we were off and running! Honestly, the run itself felt great! My lungs/breathing felt good the whole way. The only thing that started to act up was my right knee but I honestly think it’s just from not being used to running on concrete. It didn’t hold us back though from finishing strong! Loved running with my girl, Kait. We really took in the whole experience & enjoyed it. The energy throughout the city of people cheering you on is amazing. I also saw a wedding proposal waiting to happen! How cute.

I love this picture from my friend Lauren of all of the ladies before the race! They all put in a lot of hard work getting ready and also with the Celebration Event for Kyle.


After we got to see everyone at the finish…my legs needed a rest and my belly needed FILLED. Eat n’ park can never disappoint!


They have these new “stackers” where you can get homefries topped with roasted veggies & eggs of your choice. I, of course, went with dippy eggs and gluten free roll – which honey was spread onto post picture.

I also got two sides of veggies because, well, I love cooked carrots & peas!

Wanted to give a special shout-out to my support system who I truly am so thankful for.


Mr. CoreyCakes – I feel so blessed to have him in my life & always by my side to support! photo 5

And Mamacakes – these two crack me up! They have so much fun traveling around together and I’m very thankful they are so close. My mom is also very close with Kyle’s mom, Mary Beth, and was absolutely there so support her as she ran in the Half to honor her son.

This next picture truly gives me goose bumps. I was on the phone with my mom as Mary Beth ran by, and I could tell my mom got choked up.


Mary Beth crossed the finish line holding Kyle’s picture. There really are no other words to describe this than amazing & powerful. Shout-out to Mary Beth and everyone who ran that day for their continued strength!


Later on that day my sister-in-law Angela had us over for an early Mother’s day dinner. She made some Zucchini pasta with homemade sauce & roasted veggies – SO GOOD.  Thanks sista!

photo 4

I enjoyed a glass of white wine & relaxed while we all watched the Pen’s game together.

photo 2

Talk about a weekend full of love, support, friendship, & powerful moments. The energy throughout the city & all of the weekend events was contagious & I am very thankful to be a part of something so moving.

For now, my legs are getting a little break from running since my knee is kinda bugging me (merp!) but each day it is feeling much better! I am continuing my lifting & training for the CMC next weekend. Don’t forget you can still join our team to run with us!!

May is non-stop & very exciting so I am taking care of my body while still training hard in order to push forward to my goals.

You all rock and a special shout-out to my support from Under Armour Women who constantly believe in my goals not only for myself, but others. Thank you!

Be true to you – always!

xo Kasey


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