Pittsburgh Marathon [Relay] 2015 Recap & #BODYpeace Pizza Moment!

May 5, 2015 -
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Hey all & happy Tuesday!

I can’t believe a year has past since I first ran a half in the Pittsburgh Marathon. I honestly don’t consider myself a “runner” very often because I wouldn’t say that mileage is part of my weekly routine but I do consider myself an athlete so my training is always changing.

I was just talking with a client yesterday about this in our consult that I like to be able to train in a way that I can be ready for any challenge.

I incorporate all types of fitness into my weekly strength & conditioning program. I personally one day may do more weights with all body weight “cardio” at the end of the workout, or the next day want to run 4 by 800 meters with 20 renegade rows in between each 800m.


Insert sweaty picture post 4 by 800m + 20 Renegade Row training.

Definitely taxes the whole body as you’re utilizing it while running and full body with renegade rows. With the rows you’re In a full plank with hands on Dumbbells. Row one dumbbell at a time as you stay in the plank keeping tight position & trying not to sway side to side – really using that CORE to stabilize definitely a challenging sweat sesh.

For me, it keeps training fun, always changing, & my body responds well to it!

As far as the PGH Marathon goes, I do want to start off by saying that it has now been 2 years since we lost my childhood friend, Kyle, to an unknown heart condition during the 2013 Marathon.

Since then, there has been a huge group of supporters who run in Kyle’s name.


My thoughts & prayers are always with Kyle’s family & friends, especially around this time.


This past weekend I hit up the expo with my girl Jackie. It’s always fun to head downtown and check out the booths!


Seeing all of the hype gets you super pumped as well as running into some friends!


The brothers from Fittsburgh had some awesome product and it’s always good to see them!


And it’s ALWAYS good to see my buddy Trenton from Organically Social! If you’re going to be social, be organically social! ;] Check out Organically Social for a health and wellness deal card in PGH and get a discount for signing up for a year! My good friend Trenton started the company & has worked his butt off to make it what it is. Love it!

This year I decided to run on a relay team, which is always something I wanted to do!


My friends Jackie & John both joined me with 2 others to make a 5 person team.


My leg was the 5.5 mile run to start the race off! I honestly felt really good throughout the whole run & was definitely sweaty afterwards.


I started off wearing long sleeves because at 6am it was about 50 degrees. Once I hit mile 4, I was warmmmmmm BUT thought I was close enough just to wait until I made the exchange with my girl Jackie.

Once I was done, so was my long sleeve.


After my leg, I stuck around to watch some of the runners and then headed to my car. Being that I finished early on – it would’ve taken me a super long time to get to my friends who were watching at mile 16 so we all decided to meet after for breakfast!

I took a pit stop home to crush some delicious raspberries and foam roll my calves….oh my calves. They. Were. Sore.

But nothing that some pancakes can’t help, right?


Because running a race & pancakes always go hand in hand. Eat n’ Park FOR THE WIN! Whole grain cakes, turkey sausage, dippy eggs, coff with stevia & half n half.


Our team ended up with a 4:05:08 time which I was pumped about! I also was pretty pumped with my 9:20 mile pace….not going to lie. Woo!

Later on, my stomach was still saying FEED ME & my parents were ordering pizza.


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this post but I think it’s worth me repeating.

Here’s the thing … years ago eating anything quote “unhealthy” would send me into a restrictive downfall. Too long I spent worrying about eating perfectly when in reality, it had nothing to do with food.

I was holding expectations & fear of losing control in other situations in my life & sometimes we reach to things, like food or restricting food, to temporally fill the void.

The day I was determined to get to the root of my disordered thinking was the day that I challenged myself to also find a balance with all foods that work for me not everyone can eat like the next person can (maybe it’s allergies or what not) BUT I sure am a lot happier with more balance in my life.

I love “healthy” food and I also enjoy other types of food as well. Like that night, enjoying pizza with my family was so easy to do. When years ago – I would’ve passed – even though I really wanted a piece. ‪#‎bodypeace‬ for me is balance with all foods that work for me anddddd some killcliff because it’s awesome.


All in all – the day was great and I’m happy that I was a part of it again this year! I’m also happy with where I’m at as far as mentally. If you ever struggle with food restrictions, I highly recommend our book as I am sure it can help guide you to finding YOUR own bodypeace.

Have a great rest of your day!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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