oh hey, Friday Favorites! & Fittsburgh Run + Yoga Event.

July 20, 2014 -
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oh hey, Friday Favorites, Happy Sunday! Winking smile So sometimes life can throw a little curve ball into a Friday post and timing wise a Sunday works out better – so thankfully you guys don’t judge! Be true to you, right?

Anyone else up and at is on this Sunday morning? Started today off with a super fun run + yoga event held by Fittsburgh that started with a 3 mile run led by the lovely @run_intended followed by an hour of yoga in the square! Below is a picture of Mr. Fittsburgh himself, & fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Joe Vennare explaining some details before the run.


Snagged a pic of my girls Kati & Bittia (aka Sarah @lesky27) looking strong as ever during yoga.


There were definitely over 100+ people doing yoga in Market Square…


which made for some really awesome pictures & vibes. And what’s even better? When Papacakes texts you (just got an iPhone – watch out!) and asks what you’d like for breakfast – oh yesss.


He makes the best dippy eggs – side of whole grain bagel with hummus & salsa (BEST combo) followed by some organic bacon & organic sausage. I love enjoying all types of brunch foods on Sunday’s!  #truetoyouEATS

Alright SO to some high lights from this past week! On the fitness front, my friends at Harbinger Fitness (& GLOW Retreat Sponsors! Tickets still on sale!) sent their Barbell Pad so I could have some more protection for squats & walking lunges. I like using the pad for back squats or walking lunges so it’s a bit easier on my upper back & more protection on my traps that stabilize the movement & bar. I’ve also been using my Steel body plates & bar from Impex-Fitness like crazy and have been LOVING my training with it.


What’s your favorite way to train with a barbell?


Post workouts have been a lot of smoothies lately because 1) I crave a cold smoothie post outdoor workout sesh & 2) I love me some VEGA Sport.


This VEGA packed smoothie consisted of frozen banana, frozen acai pack, liquid egg whites for liquid as well as so delicious milk, 1 scoop of VEGA Vanilla, blueberries, strawberries, & Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina. If you’re not used to the green color, looks may be deceiving because I think it’s quite delish Winking smile.

Feel free to use coupon code XUG228 for $10 off your first order at iherb.com where you can find VEGA & much more!

I’ve also been enjoying my afternoon breaks every now & then that I can hit the pool with my girl Sarah!


She was super pumped about this picture, can’t you tell?


I got a new case this week for my phone – which has already sustained 2 drops down the stairs – so it’s a winner by me! Did I mention I also spilt iced coffee on  my parents computer keyboard? Yeah, I can kind of be a clumsy human sometimes – which also tends to cost me some money to repair things like…keyboards. Go me!

Proud Trainer Moment the other day – we had a PLANK challenge with some of my tennis athletes which consisted of just holding a plank for as long as they could. If they dropped, they had to cheer each other on.


One of the girls, Anna, held a 4:30 PLANK! All of the kids did great and one of the other athletes, Drew, ended up holding the longest plank which he went for 5 minutes. Awesome!


And last but not least, I was pretty pumped about this Klout perk being Tom’s #NaturallyGood products! I’m a fan of their toothpaste so I’m excited to try out the toothbrush & mouth wash.

Whelp, that’s about it! I’ve got some more things up my sleeve for this week to share with you guys but for now I’m off to get some cleaning done!

Have a great Sunday!



Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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2 responses to “oh hey, Friday Favorites! & Fittsburgh Run + Yoga Event.”

  1. Jess says:

    I used to be so afraid of the barbell, but now I can’t imagine training without it! Favorite lifts: deadlifts, squats (back and front), and clean and presses. 🙂

  2. Great post Kasey! The Fittsburgh Run & Yoga event looked pretty amazing and had a great turn out. Your Tom’s bag looked pretty awesome too, natural products are the best and the mouthwash is must try.

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