Natural Living Expo Recap and BODYpeace Cooking Demos!

November 18, 2015 -
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Hope you had a great weekend everyone! I got to spend mine with my girl Heather at the Natural Living Expo in Massachusetts.


We had the pleasure of hosting 5 cooking demos on Sunday of the expo. Heather & I shared 5 recipes from our book BODYPEACE as well as chatting about “Awakening Your Intuitive Relationship With Food.”


The topic hits so close to home with us as we kept coming back to finding peace in your mind first before you can truly start to heal your relationship with food. We both found balance with all things food, fitness, & life in our own ways (which you can see parts of my story here) and you could feel our passion behind the topic come through during our demos.

Intuitiveness for us is just tapping into ourselves more to have the CHOICE to pick when and what we eat, without rules or restrictions.

It was so nice having people come up at the end of each demo and share their stories, or chat about someone they know who may be struggling and they are looking for ways to help them. Being able to talk 1 on 1 with attendees was a big highlight of the weekend!


Another highlight was when my friend Dana and her two daughters showed up to support us! Dana has truly been like my second mom here in Rhode Island and I actually train her two girls with strength & conditioning. I can’t thank Dana and her family enough for all of their support out here!

Not the best quality picture BUT after 6 hours straight of demoing, chatting, & on your feet — THIS SALAD from the was ON POINT!!

They have some amazing options and everything was super fresh. I’m pretty sure I built my own salad with every topping they offered like chicken, sweet potatoes, avocado, goat cheese, currants, & more.IMG_2543

The weekend was also fueled by some awesome coffee that we found on the way to the expo. We searched coffee shops as we got closer & The Coffee Loft popped up. Heather and I both love our coffee shops and seeing that they do all organic was a plus! I ordered an almond milk latte and it was delish. Definitely check them out if you’re ever in their area in Mass.!

All-in-all the weekend was great & we are thankful to the Natural Living Expo for having us and letting us do our thanggg with BODYpeace!

Have a great rest of your day & be true to you,

xo Kasey

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