My #WINNING Breakfast Combo & New Opportunity!

September 17, 2013 -
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Good morning everyone! This #StrangeButGood (thanks to Laura for that hashtag!) combo for breakfast TOTALLY worked. Sometimes when you just grab things out of the fridge that you’re craving they turn out to be a #WINNING combo! By the way, what ever happened to that hashtag? Is #winning like so last year? haha oh well, I still like it!


Made my pumpkin buckwheat waffles with added blueberries. Then topped with apricot preserves, avocado, & dippy eggs! DELISH!

All fueled up & ready to teach my new POWER HOUR class at GNC! This is something I am now able to share – can’t wait to get the program started and share with you all some of the stuff that we do in class! I can’t lie that I’m a bit nervous, but that comes with any type of new situation! Last week I got to meet some people who are taking the class & they all seem awesome. The one lady even said that reading my blog was what made her decide to take the class and I was blown away by that. I’m so appreciative, always!

After class I’m meeting up with my long lost bittie, Sarah, to workout then grab dinner! Talk about a happy Tuesday!?

I’ll leave you with a quote that I love.


Be true to yourself & believe in yourself. Set goals & go after them. The only thing holding you back is YOU. There is something inside all of us that we are meant to share!


Red heart Kasey


Any fun plans today? I would love to hear about them!