Join Me For LIVE Online Classes

March 19, 2020 -
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hey friends <3 how are we??

I want you to know that I feel you. I feel for everyone right now as we travel through this whole new way of thinking.

When things get out of my control, I tend to shut down because my thoughts can be a little overhwelming.

We’re flowing through uncertainty right now & I needed a few days to take it all in, process, & plan to get comfortable in this uncomfortable time.

During this time, as we follow the guidelines asked of us by the CDC, we are in a place to rethink (thanks @coachkaseyjo for these words & mindset tips).

I took those words to heart and thought, how can I still be doing my passion of teaching during this time?

As a small business owner who owns her own Personal Training Business, I’m so thankful for technology right now.


I wanted to let everyone know that I will be offering LIVE ONLINE CLASSES via ZOOM during this time.

I’ve created a KASEY’S LIVE WORKOUTS GROUP on facebook that you can join for all updates of my schedule throughout the week.

We did one last night and wow, that feeling of community was THERE. There is something to be said about seeing friendly faces pop up on the screen while you all move together.

90126387_10157725855890342_7928349988776574976_nTHIS WEEK JOIN ME LIVE ON ZOOM!

  1. FRIDAY 3/20 @ 1030AM EST (STRENGTH & CORE)


  • $7 paid via Vemo @Powercakes or PayPal
  • Please include your e-mail address and date you are attending in the memo!!
  • You will get a unique link emailed to you to click right into our group “meeting” for the live workouts.
  • Please download the ZOOM APP or have a log-in ready for using your computer.
  • Please keep your volume muted for the class so you can hear me.
  • Please have 2 paper plates or towels that you can use as “GLIDERS” for these workouts.
  • Feel free to have a dumbbell close by to advance movements.
  • Please let me know any questions!!


Maybe we rethink our workouts during this time with online workouts, walk (I know my pup is loving the extra walks in a day!), run, do yoga, bodyweight moves, or use those dumbbells you’ve had at home collecting some dust.

Even though it may not be your ideal situation & you love to pick heavy things up & put them down but don’t have that equipment at home, movement will be key for a happy mind & body during this temporary time.

As someone who deals with anxiety, movement is always part of my plan.

Movement keeps my blood flowing & mind calm. During this time, workouts may look different, but different can be good for us.

I put together some feel good moves that you can literally do anywhere over on my Instagram if you’re looking for some inspo.

I didn’t add music because I loved the sound of the birds & wind (with your occasional airplane).

When you just want to move or feel overwhelmed, sometimes just flowing on a mat, in your own way, is what’s needed.

You can take these movements through reps or for time for a few rounds of feel good.

Shout out to everyone, entrepreneurs or not, during this uneasy time where we can just come together to just hold space for one another.

I’m here to support you and please let me know if you’re needing help.

We’re all in this together.

Xo Kasey