inkWELL Press Fitness & Menu Planners [Day 9 Of The 17 Days Of Giveaways]

December 14, 2016 -
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Happy Day 9 of the 17 Days Of Giveaways, friends! If you’re like me…I started planning my 2017 planner weeks ago.

I am all about writing down…everythang…in my planner so I am thrilled to have a new one for 2017 from my friends at inkWELL Press and you will be too because they’ve got some goodies for you!!


They created the liveWELL Planner, a refreshing new approach to organization and designed to empower women — and seriously how cute is their 2017 planner!?


They are also huge advocates of helping women find ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily planning process so they created the eatWELL Menu Planner and the beWELL Fitness Planner.

Their fitness planner covers three months and the meal planner covers six months so you’re set for making the most of reaching your long term goals!

Both planners have extensive resource sections including measurement conversions, food logs, seasonal foods in the meal planner, and detailed exercise logs.




Love that you can plan out your weekly workouts!


You can also keep up with your monthly check-ins and write down your WINS which I truly believe can be more motivating than pounds lost….always checking in on the mind and how your FEEL first. #bodypeace

eatWELL Menu Planner


I love that the eatWELL Menu Planner has pages for grocery lists, recipe ideas, & helpful resources like measurements and conversions.


I also love that you can plan out your weekly meals! I think I spy Blue Apron as an option one night ;] don’t forget you can get your first 3 meals free with this Blue Apron code!


inkWELL was recently picked up in all Office Depot and OfficeMax stores across the country for good reason – these planners are durable, sturdy, filled with room for people with big handwriting like myself, & are absolutely ADORABLE which makes writing in them even that much more fun!

Enter below for a chance to win a beWELL Fitness Planner & beWELL Menu Planner.

Good luck & be true to you,

xo Kasey

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39 responses to “inkWELL Press Fitness & Menu Planners [Day 9 Of The 17 Days Of Giveaways]”

  1. paige c says:

    i would love to win since i need a new planner for the new year and need to get back on the menu planning each week!

  2. Heather Canett says:

    Duper cute planner definitely will keep me in line for my 2017 goals!!

  3. Heather Canett says:

    Haha Super*

  4. Rana Durham says:

    i want to win because i need the help with fitness and i heard from your video that this does wonders and they go above and beyond wth fitness and eating .

  5. Natasha Kettering says:

    I need a new planner so bad! I normally wait and end up getting a boring one from the store… This would help be keep track of everything plus they are pretty!

  6. Karly says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a fitness planner!! This looks amazing!!

  7. Mary Ann says:

    Ok this is SOOO me- I would LOVE to win this I am all about writing everything down- very visual !!! Love planners!

  8. Hayley says:

    My goal for 2017 is to improve my organization skills. This would help tremendously!

  9. hanna caisse says:

    perfect for the new year 🙂

  10. Adrienne Golding says:

    A perfect way to start 2017 with a new planner and new goals!! 🙂

  11. Ali Doyle says:

    I menu plan each week and have been looking for a new one for the new year! I’ve never had a fitness planner but I know it would keep me on track!

  12. Julie F says:

    I want this!!! I’m going to see if they have it at the Office Max in my area. I need to write things down & I just can’t use digital. I need to physically write things down!

  13. Stacy galiyas says:

    Ahhh…I love planners and planning and writing down everything! I usually get an Erin condren planner and absolutely love it! I have been pondering trying a new one this year and this one looks pretty amazing! I love the meal planner!

  14. Nikki Fahey says:

    I need to plan better and would love to keep track of goals too. thanks for the review

  15. Brandy H. says:

    I was just looking/adding to my planner and realized I totally forgot to order one for 2017! What? and How? I really like these ones and would love to try them!

  16. Lynn says:

    This is fantastic! Could 2017 actually be the year I become more organized? #yesplease

  17. Natalie R says:

    Meal planning and workout tracking is an oddly satisfying experience – I love being organized, and having the tools to get there would be the best start to 2017!

  18. Jess says:

    I always try to menu plan… but by the end of the week forget what I wanted to make! A planner would be the perfect solution to that problem.

  19. suzie says:

    I am a busy mom, so any planning I can do, helps.

  20. Beth says:

    Planners are everything for me! Without it, I am a complete mess. I am obsessed with these planners. Love the “Plan & Attack”. Definitely how I plan to handle my 2017 🙂

  21. DJ says:

    I would love a planner going into the new year so I can track my progress and goals.

  22. Brittany says:

    Such a cute planner- I love planners & getting organized and ready to create & conquer goals! I also love what the brand stands for which is great 🙂

  23. Jennifer Sitz says:

    I have food allergies and some food intolerance. This would be great to help me keep track of what I eat and how it affects me and maybe loose some weight in the process.

  24. Emma says:

    I absolutely LOVE planners! Would love this cute one!

  25. Karen says:

    I would love this planner. I prefer paper planners over technology..

  26. Kendra says:

    I have been looking into one of these planners for the new year! I would absolutely LOVE one of these for 2017! Planners are my LIFE when it comes to school, workouts, to do lists/checklists. I would love to have one that incorporates pages to track progress, goals, etc. This is such a wonderful giveaway!! 🙂

  27. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win because I use a planner from Walgreens everyday and need a nice new one!! + I love you kasey!!!!

  28. erica s says:

    I’m obsessed with stationary and staying organized. I like that this is very specific to keeping track of goals and won’t get lost among my regular planner.

  29. Sherrie Collins says:

    I am old school. I like the idea of doing everything online as far as having my schedule and stuff all on my phone but, when it comes down to it…in the end I need a paper planner.
    I LOVE planners.
    I seek one that will challenge me, motivate me, inspire me, and make me get to where I need to be on time. Love these!

  30. Sheri says:

    Since I have so much trouble planning meals ahead of time, this would be so helpful.

  31. Jubilee Spence says:

    Id like to plan my meals and hopefully be fit for 2017

  32. Alexis welsh says:

    I love planners and i need one like this because i am using just an old notebook for menu/meal planning and i would love this so much

  33. Jessica M says:

    This planner would help me keep my fitness and meals much more organized!

  34. Sarah McBride says:

    I am looking for a new planner and this looks perfect!!

  35. Maggie says:

    Would love to plan out my workouts with these!

  36. I would love to win this because I love planning and it could help my husband and I eat healthier in 2017.

  37. Hayley says:

    This would be so useful for me!! I am such a planner and could really use one of these.

  38. Raquel says:

    It’s so funny because I was just thinking that I needed one of these this morning. I would love to plan my meals for the next year to make life easier in the new year and this would be perfect.

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