A reminder when you need it most…Be you, bravely!

January 27, 2017 -
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Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had an awesome week! Gearing up for a weekend of awesome clients, classes, & some chill time as well with the hubs.

As I was getting my Friday Favorites post together for today, I realized that my favorites from this week were EXACTLY what I wanted/needed to share.

I feel so blessed to honestly be so in tune with my clients. As I showed up with one of my favorite greek yogurt dips from Trader Joes for my client/”rhode island aunt” Mary Ann, she had a powerful surprise waiting for me before our session.


This card that said, “be you, bravely” as well as a bracelet with a dumbbell charm that read “she believe she could…so she did.”

I think with anything in life, we come to a spot where we may let negative thoughts creep in like “you’re not doing enough”, “you’re not good enough”, etc. and it’s a blessing when those thoughts are met with a positive reminder, like this one above, that you need at exactly that same time.

I think it’s so good to look back on things and see how far you’ve come from them in order to appreciate where you’re at at this moment.

It’s easy to go week by week with your packed schedule without taking a breath and taking IN what you are putting OUT to the world.

What I’m getting at is that my motto of being true to you has been my motivation from day 1. Looking back 7 years ago now, feeling SO afraid to start a blog or an instagram (yes Instagram was just starting back in my day! ha) and having NO idea that sharing my stories, life, or inspiration would lead me to owning my own business, blogging as part of my living, & being able to truly bloom where I’ve been planted and travel around the whole state of RI training athletes & clients with all different stories.

What did that all route from? Staying true to myself and who I am from day 1.

Getting that card from my client just re-inspired me to share that with you today. You may be feeling stuck or stressed or anxious about your path in life but I promise if you just stay true to who you are and what your gut is telling you — your path will align over time into where you’re meant to be.

No company, brand, person, friend, family member, or anyone should ever derail you from your goals or make you feel “less than” because if you are truly being true to yourself – you are coming from an AWESOME place that no one can knock you down if you don’t let them.

Woo! I’m all fired up with this one — but it’s so true.

The other day I had a moment of business anxiety like “crap…was I not good enough? Did I do something wrong?” and literally 3 minutes later I listened to a voicemail from a phone call I missed about an opportunity in February to shoot for an awesome company in the fitness space and how they couldn’t wait to work with me again…

I got off the phone and said out-loud…”trust the process, Kasey…just trust it.”

And THAT is now my motto any time I feel discouraged or anxious —

“Trust the process… just trust it.”

It may not always make sense at the time or feel like a distant goal but if you just stay true to who you are and you’re coming from a good place — it will fall into alignment of your journey.
DSC01479 Speaking of finding a happy place…I was totally AMPED over getting my new mouse pad in the mail the other day! Am I the only one who loves to use a mouse for computer work?


I literally stand at this corner of our staircase to do computer work every day since our second room right now in our apartment has turned into our storage room and there isn’t much space for a desk but I’ve totally grown to love this little nook of a work space.

You’ll find me there with my computer, mouse pad, inkwell planner, & usually a coffee behind me since I’ve been known to spill a cup or two.

A few weeks ago, I went into 4 different stores looking for a mouse pad to go along with my mouse and they didn’t sell them…so I went on Etsy and ordered this super cute one with the quote “this is my happy place”.

I have a couple “happy places” like being with my clients, athletes, hubby, friends, & family — while also being happy behind the computer creating content for all of YOU that choose to read it.

I appreciate you more than you realize and I hope that my random ramblings help you in some way! Even if it’s just that you’re an ear or eye to read/listen to a new light-bulb that went off in my crazy brain ;]

Have an awesome Friday and always, be true to you!

xo Kasey



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3 responses to “A reminder when you need it most…Be you, bravely!”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Trust the process – SOO good for me to hear right now!

  2. Lynn says:

    Love this post! You are so awesome Kasey! Trust the process sweetie…you’re making such a difference! xo

  3. Mahi says:

    thank you for sharing very good post, keep it up.

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