Honest Tea Winner, Weekly Favorites, & How To Progress In The Weight Room VLOG!

April 4, 2015 -
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Hey all & HAPPY Weekend! It’s Papacakes big 6-0 so this weekend is full of family which is exactly what’s needed.


I wanted to start off saying CONGRATS to the Honest Tea Giveaway winner Em Mahr…

honestteawinnerThank you to everyone who entered & Honest Tea for the awesome giveaway – you rock! xo

Em please e-mail me Kasey@Powercakes.net with your shipping info!

I really can’t believe how fast the weeks are going. You feel me? In less than 2 months I will be making a big move with Corey to a new state – and although it’s super bittersweet, I am ready to spread my wings.

1) With moving comes saying “see you later” to some of my favorite peeps. I’ve taught at GNC HQ now for a year & a half with a power hour bootcamp full of some STRONG ladies.


These women (not all pictured) continue to inspire me & motivate me. They come every day to class READY to work & they challenge themselves to try new things. Special shout out to my GNC “tough cookies” this week & a huge thank you for all of their support!

2) Speaking of GNC – they’ve come out with an all natural (free of artificial colors, flavors, & sweeteners) BCAA Amino mix & “pre workout” Energy!


When I saw these I was like, “finally!” Because I do try and take some BCAA’s (when I remember – for real) to mix them into my drink to help with muscle repair but a lot of products contain a decent amount of ingredients I can’t pronounce. Now I’m all for BALANCE but if I’m going to use something daily – I like the all natural options!

Their website states, “Complete Amino is a direct source of the branched chain amino acids (BCAA) that protect, repair and fuel your muscles from the everyday stressors of an active lifestyle.”

For the Energy, the website states that the product contains, “Natural Ingredients Clinically Studied to Boot Energy with Green Tea, Black Tea, Guarana & Rhodiola. Functional, Whole-Food Based Blend for Daily Antioxidant Support and healthy Carbohydrates for a Quick Energizing Pre-Workout Boost.”

As with anything – not all products are for everyone but as an addition to taking care of your bod via fuel, I do like to add in quick go-to products like these!

I personally like their Cherry Limeade Energy flavor & their Strawberry Watermelon Amino flavor. You can find their PUREDGE line here. They’ve also got protein powder, peanut flour, & more!

3) Chipotle, Kill Cliff, & Sun shine! What an amazing combo.


It was like 60 degrees the other day (which was amazing) so I stuck myself in the sunlight for as long as I could on my dinner break between clients. Chipotle made for a quick dinner (because it’s truly hard to eat slow) & kill cliff always chases it down nicely.

4) Training with my girl, Sarah!

IMG_7250 (1)

As much as I don’t mind training alone – it’s so nice to have a workout buddy (especially because we are always laughing). A lot of the initial content on KaseyArena.com will be highlighting our workouts so keep an eye out!

She’s rocking the Harbinger Core Belt – use “Powercakes20” to get 20% off your order!

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First part comes to your inbox Monday! 

This week I talk about a big question I get often – “How do I know which amount of weight to use in the gym?” So I hit on PROGRESSION and why it’s important on this weeks VLOG. Check it [HERE]!

Have a great Easter weekend & I’ll be seeing you guys soon!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey