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November 20, 2013 -
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hello all! I hope you’re having a great week. It’s HUMP DAY! Does anyone else watch Kelly & Michael in the morning? It’s always on as I’m getting things together for the day and I can’t help but laugh every time they start their Wednesdays how off with screaming Hump Day! I personally think those two were made to work together – so awesome!

Anywhoooo – yesterday was jampacked full of working out! Honestly, my workouts are usually an hour max but yesterday I had my afternoon open to I went with mamacakes to help her teach a class which then turned into me doing the workout as well after already doing a 6am spin class. I have a funny video for the next Power Monday Moves post where I video taped a move a bunch of times and on the last one my arms were like “I’m spent!” haha it’s a good behind the scenes moment you’ll see next week.

Honestly though, I swear when you take care of your body & listen to what it needs, the amount of energy you have is wonderful. Ever since really trying to find a balance for myself [which I posted about here] my energy levels have been so much higher and my attitude on things is so much better.

Someone actually just emailed me (while I was posting) and asked how do I keep my energy up while doing early morning workouts or traveling so much. My answer to her is that I try to find a balance of being productive (less stress whenever I can manage and keep up with my to-do list), getting enough sleep, eating enough to fuel my body, enjoying my workouts, & having a positive outlook on situations. I truly believe that a positive mind can set the tone for a positive day which also increases my energy. I also have to say that since taking spirulina & astaxanthin – they both help with energy since they come from nature! Finding balance for myself with all of the above is what helps my energy for sure.


Speaking of energy…a post workout drink doesn’t hurt! Juicin’ with mamacakes after our workout at a local juice stop called Embody Natural Health. I got a fresh “digest” juice made with beets, kale, apple, ginger, & carrots that is & a “recovery” smoothie for mom with oranges, cacao, coconut milk, banana, & chocolate protein. YUM! I love a good juice.

So let’s talk about balance – something we all struggle with. TRUST ME. You are not alone – let me say that again – you are NOT alone. We all work every day to find a balance between family, friends, jobs, errands, cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning, working out, internet, & the list goes on and on. One moment someone is telling you “don’t eat after 7pm” and the next minute someone is saying, “eating before bed is totally fine” just to give an example!

Now, I’m not a a doctor which I’m sure most of you know Winking smile and I often get e-mails with similar questions and I always find myself referring back to my motto of life – be true to YOU because I think whatever feels right for you & your own self, is the decision you need to make. We all don’t know how each other feels or how our bodies react to certain things; so challenging yourself to see what works for you is a great place to start.

I know most people are looking for an answer on how to be more balanced…and my best advice to someone is to do more of what you want to do & stay true to who you are.

For example, sometimes we “think” we don’t have enough time to get something done and we stress about it and stress about it until you finally start this task and then realize, “oh shoot, well that wasn’t so bad” and it ends up being quicker than you thought.

I think we sometimes create these scenarios or stories in our heads as if we’re already saying “I won’t have enough time to do_______ today.” Instead of thinking “I can totally make time for ________ today AND _________ AND _________ because I truly want to.”

Now there is that kind of balance – or a “to do” list type of balance with errands, etc. Then there is another kind of balance such as finding a happy balance with fitness, food, & mental health.

Often times we over think these aspects and become “obsessed” with one or all of them. We want to workout, eat right, & feel good – right? But sometimes those are taken to the extreme where someone could under eat & workout a lot in hopes of “feeling” better. Or it can be taken to another extreme.

I, myself, have been through moments where I was forgetting the true purpose of my workouts – to get STRONGER and be healthier. I was forgetting that food was FUEL for my body and I was restricting too much and not allowing “moderation” with food. I was also not feeling good in the mind because of these factors which deep down I needed to find love for myself on the inside before these outside factors could be more balanced in my life.

My soul sister Heather & I both have such a similar passion for taking real life experiences that we both dealt with and using them to help others find more balance in their life. We have seen (and have done it) people using food & fitness as a way to cover up something more deep they are dealing with and we want to help YOU find a better balance in life with our tools we have used.

Again, we are not doctors but our stories & tips come from true experiences and experiences we’ve had with others.


Heather will be interviewing me this week & we will discuss how to find more of a balance in life. It’s true –I don’t think there is a “perfect” balance in anyone’s life and it’s not always easy to get to – BUT with some inspiration from our tips & experiences we hope to help find you more “bodyPEACE” within yourself.

I think it was pretty meant to be that I came across this quote today…

“The root of the word ‘inspiration’ itself means to breathe life into, and once we realize that inspiration, just like air, is in abundant supply, we can begin to do the work of wielding its energy to re-imagine and transform any arena of our personal and/or professional life we desire.”

Our hope is to inspire you to get out there, be yourself, & unknowingly you WILL inspire others along the way.

If you have any questions you’d like to be covered, please leave a comment below or email me After the interview is complete I will definitely be sharing it on the blog!

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey

What is your favorite juice combo?

If you have a question for us about finding more balance please let us know! Thank you!

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5 responses to “Inspired to find YOUR balance.”

  1. I love that inspiration quote! It gave me goosebumps. Do you know who said it or is it just from the entheos site (which I can’t wait to explore more – it looks awesome)? You’re so right about finding balance based on what’s right for you. The interview that you and Heather are doing sounds wonderful – you both are such positive, loving, vibrant people – you are changing the lives of many <3

  2. heather johnson says:

    Thank you for this post. Overthinking? Ha! This is my life and I am not on drugs. I overthink everything. I don’t have a healthy balance with eating and exercising. I.e. I do an hour of elliptical and an hour of light weight training…every…single…day. Plus since I have a sedentary job I come home and do light cardio—just moving around–body weight squats, punches, kicks, etc. for another hour. I feel guilty for eating three times a day. I am sick I tell you. I need help. I am in constant pain with my feet and am just overall not sure how to live life like a “normal” person…like the kid I once was. It is all very exhausting, especially when I know I choose these actions. I am the one choosing to do this and I can be the one to stop but I don’t and I don’t know if I am just demented or if I truly just am addicted to pain, exhaustion, and unhappiness. you know the saying “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”–meet the poster child!

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