Friday Feature : Elissa Mcgranahan

November 16, 2012 -
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Hey all!
Today I want to feature an inspirational follower
who e-mailed me a little while ago with this e-mail;

“Thought I would share my progress and why women like you are so motivating!!! “ – Elissa

Needless to say, Elissa totally made my day and I couldn’t wait to share her story!


My name is Elissa Mcgranahan. I am a happy 21 year old thanks to God and my family!


I was born and raised in McKinney, TX but recently moved to Fairview, TX
with my twin sister because my father got a job in Boise, Idaho.


Growing up was a blast considering I am 1 of 5 siblings in my family!
As I mentioned I am a twin her name is Rachel,
then my older sister named Erin and two younger brothers Ian and Matthew.


As a child I loved sports. I played soccer, basketball, and soft ball!
I basically never wanted to go indoors.
When I got to high school I joined cross country, but that was only my freshman year.

When I became a junior I joined choir. I loved being involved but it took up a lot of my extra free time.

I was always a chunky girl but never thought anything about it because I lived an active lifestyle.

However I had gained 25 pounds from my freshman year to my senior year of high school.

After I turned 21 I realized I needed to make a change!

I had to become healthier. On the outside I was happy but miserable on the inside.
I struggled with my confidence.

My Aunt Mary was my motivator,
she had lost 40 pounds in 6 months and became healthy and strong!

I thought to myself I want to be just like that.
Once my 21st birthday weekend was over I hit the pavement
and started running about 3 miles a day 5x a week.

I stopped eating all fast food and drank only water.
I continued that for 2 months straight and by the end I had lost 20 pounds!

I felt amazing and loved how much confidence I had.
Today I have a new job working as a teller in a bank.
I have made new friends and continue to become more knowledgeable about my health.


My goal is to motivate people and to start somewhere with a healthy lifestyle.
Changing one body at a time is my goal!  I plan on getting my degree in health and wellness.
Becoming healthier has opened up so many doors of opportunity for me!

My advice to those who want to succeed is to never give up the beginning is the hardest!
I struggle sometimes to get up and hit the gym
but I remember how I felt before and I never want to go back!





Tips from Elissa!

elissa food

“Here is a photo of one meal tomorrow for work.
I try to prepare everything the day before.”


Thank you so much Elissa for sharing your story!!

I appreciate your honesty & I know everyone else does too!

Do you have a story you’d like to share about your journey?
I’d love to feature you on a friday!
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