Figs, Hard Boiled Eggs, Radiow Interview, & Fortune

September 14, 2012 -
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hello all!Winking smile
I hope you’re enjoying your day today!
So lately I’ve been super busy; per usual.
BUT I don’t complain, because I love what I do!

Just want to say thank you to Kiesha from Wild 104 in NY for this

you can find her here!

Twitter: @KieshaWild104
Instagram: @KieshaWild104

I go into detail about my fitness, eats, & tips!!

Photo: it's about that time again; marathon grinding.
Wanted to give a big shout out to my best bittie Sarah
who will be running in the Erie Marathon this weekend
along with some other awesome ladies who will all do AMAZING things!!

So inspiring!!

If you missed my post about #Fitness4Cure
check it out here! It was an amazing experience.

So after busy week; this weekend isn’t slowing down.
I am actually getting certified for Personal Training!

This consists of 3 whole days of lectures & studying!
Fact: Thank goodness I took conquered anatomy in college
because I’m familiar with most of the study material!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while;
so this is STEP ONE in my business plan!

I’ve got so many more ideas;
but I really can’t wait to start training others!!

POWERCAKES TRAINED Smile with tongue out

Anyway, today is from 1-930pm so I got up and did a back/bicep workout
with a 10 minute cardio POWER BLASTER!

Refueled with an Overnight CHIA OAT Parfait!
1/2 cup oats soaked over night with 2 TB chia seeds
1 cup of coconut milk & 1/2 cup water.

Layered with protein powder frosting & goji berries from
you can get these for a discount on your first order from @iherb with coupon code XUG228!

I was craving oats so I decided to test out the grains;
since I’ve removed them for a while.
And my stomach is ok! Winking smile for now, I hope!
haha you never know with this tummy.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to share with you this AWESOME clean eating combo!

Everyone is loving FIGS right now; and I know why!
FRESH FIGS are amazing!!

So I cleaned out the fridge last night and attempted this combo;
Base of Spinach Leaves
Red Onion
White Button Mushrooms
Fresh Figs
Goat Cheese
4 Egg whites seasoned with
BRAGGS seasoning & sea kelp seasoning!
Chopped up the egg whites and added them into the #powerbowl!

Drizzled with peach infused balsamic vinegar – I found at a local store!

Speaking of EGGS:
I finally made perfect hardboiled eggs!!
Isn’t it exciting when these things work?Winking smile


I just googled directions and #BOOM!

1) put eggs in cold water in a big pot- water covers the eggs by an inch.
2) turn water on high and bring to a boil- I also added some salt to the water (helps with peeling afterwards)
3) once boiling, I let boil for 1 min. take whole pot off heat and sit to the side and cover the pot with a lid.
4) let sit covered for 15 min. ladle out and put right into cold water to cool.
5) let sit for a few minutes and the roll around on hard surface to break shell gently.
6)  run under cold water while peeling!
Done! this worked for me! So I hope it works for you!!


I packed these up with some raw veggies,
and a NEW RECIPE I will be sharing soon! Winking smile

always prepared!!

Anyone else ever get a fortune & get chills at the same time because it’s so dead on? crazy.

Even though I can’t eat the cookie #glutenproblems
I still keep my fortune!

“The sure way to predict the future, is to invent it.”

Got this last night and ironically this weekend I’ll be training to get my personal training certification!
Good ol’ fortune cookie pullin through. Fact; I do plan on inventing my future!
Don’t let anyone ever tell you no!
as hard as it can be sometimes to get where we want to be in life,
you’ve got to keep moving forward & inventing your own future!

Be true to YOU!

there have been times where I’ve thought my ideas and Dreams won’t work
due to Situations I cant control;

but that’s just it- I CAN’T control everything that happens
and I’ve learned that everything will work out in the end!

If your heart is in the right place, you will eventually end up in the right place!
something I try to remind myself of daily!

So, I’ve got some meals packed & I’m off for a long day of training,
so I hope you all enjoy your weekend!! thank you for always inspiring me to inspire you!

hopefully this is a sign, cause I plan on inventing my future.
Red heart

Enjoy your day!!!