Feature Friday: Where 2 Next Mika!

June 7, 2013 -
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Hi all! Today is FEATURE FRIDAY & I am highlighting a beautiful young woman with a positive outlook on life.

A few months ago Mika e-mailed me asking for advice on how to start her own blog once she was ready to share her story. I gave her some insight on good website options and after hearing her story, asked her to guest post on my blog once she was ready!


Here was the initial e-mail…

“My name is Mika Rotunda,nineteen, passionate about fitness, health, food, traveling, music, cooking, eating, music, art, crafting, scuba diving, my job, my God, family, friends… basically every aspect of life !
I graduated from high school last June and since then have spent this year working my butt off to save money to pursue my dream of my future career paths. Throughout this time I have also managed to maintain a fit lifestyle with healthy eating that I have been following for years now; at the end of the ninth grade I decided to turn my life around for the better. On May 13th 2009 I weighed 237 pounds; hard to believe that I played sports year round, competitive AAU volleyball, was an active missionary and was class president, on the homecoming court and had more friends, love and happiness than a girl could every ask for, while at the same time was ordering all of my cute american eagle shorts online, getting headaches everyday after school & just seemed to continue to get bigger and more unhealthy?!


That’s when I made the decision to change and never look back; it had to come down to doing it for me, my health, the people who loved me & most importantly the faith in God to help me overcome this freaking MOUNTAIN ahead of me ! So, it began… today I wear a size three, I fell passionately in love with swimming, lifting, yoga, spin… gym life  (esp. swimming though) and nutrition. Now I feel as though I need to start a blog, share my story, insight and happiness through a balanced lifestyle with other people!”


Allow me first to formally introduce myself; my name is Mika Rotunda and I am glad you’ve stumbled upon my site! Through a looking glass, I may appear as just another young face with a lot of energy, but there really is so much more to me than meets the eye. Fitness and health fanatic, aspiring travel journalist, cooking guru, worker bee,  lover of the arts and a girl after God’s own heart; I am nineteen, passionate, oozing with energy and ready to tackle life!

Although I am only at the ripe young age of nineteen, I have had the privilege of learning hard work ethic and what it takes to obtain any goal through beating the epidemic of childhood obesity. Four years ago I weighed over a hundred more pounds than I do today, but I assure you that my weight loss is the absolute least interesting thing about me. Looking at my journey makes me not only grateful for the transformation of my body physically, but  rather overly blessed with what I GAINED spiritually, mentally and emotionally through it all. My arms are open wide and ready to embrace life and where2next!


Thank you so much for sharing your story, Mika!
You are inspiring others & it’s a beautiful thing.

You can connect with Mika below

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