Family Pizza Party [Recap]!

July 14, 2014 -
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Happy Monday all! Did you get a chance to get outside at all this weekend? I swear I spent 80% of this weekend outside (the other % sleeping indoors). Our family from South Carolina was in town so it was a jam filled weekend but totally every hour of sleep we didn’t get Winking smile . Friday night we all went to our cousin’s house for a Pizza night, but not just any pizza night, we got to make our own & utilize his wood fire outdoor oven! The food network foodie in me was out in full force.

Pizza Making night

My little cousins had the whole night organized with signs for toppings & a dessert bar.


My cousin Leanne made such a refreshing salad that was SO simple & made me realize how much I love basic greens, cranberries, & walnuts all tossed with just olive oil & balsamic vinegar.


My cousin Craig had his own Food Network moment whenever he took us through a little pizza making course before getting started.


Side note: can you tell these two are sisters? ha, as I was taking picture’s I couldn’t get over the exact stance & hair situation they had going on. Anddd the fact that I possibly want to borrow every single outfit they own. Justtt saying.


Craig & his wife Leanne taught us everything we needed to know before doing it ourselves.


The toppings were ON POINT & so fresh – all types of cheese, veggies, meats, & fresh basil from the garden. They also had a choice of White or Whole Wheat dough!


My girl Kaylie helped me out by being the Blog Photographer for the evening while I put together my own Whole Wheat pizza.


My circle pizza quickly turned into a square before putting down some corn meal to prevent sticking. (definitely a step you don’t want to miss)


The girl’s were laughing & saying that the parents just stand around and watch the kids make them & then eat a piece from each pizza instead of making their own Winking smile




Alright, time for toppings! What are your go-to choices?


I went with sauce to start it out.


Gotta make it even.


Cheese, please.


Fresh asparagus


Then quickly realized I forgot to brush it with olive oil so I went with a olive oiled crust.


Next was sautéed mushrooms, & tomatoes.


I can hardly ever pass up feta.


Topped with fresh basil (the best smell ever) & some peppers.


Time for the oven!


Fast Forward about 5 minutes – I swear – and it was done!


Now I got to be the photographer and catch miss Kaylie Ann in the action.


Cute little Father-Daughter cooking going on.IMG_1590

After dinner it was time for a family picture since it’s rare that all cousins are together at once! This is what happens when you tell my brother to “get in the picture”…




There we go! What a truly fun night we all had getting to play with our food, catch up, & just being in each others company is always a blessing.

So tell me, what is your favorite pizza topping?! I think throwing a pizza party is a great way to host family or friends. Everyone can get creative and tailor it to the flavors they love!


Have a great start to your week & be true to you!

xo Kasey