[Day 10 of The 14 Days of Giveaways!] ECODRINK MIXES!

December 16, 2017 -
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Happy Saturday & DAY 10 OF THE 2017 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! Woo!


Each year is so much fun for me to put these together with the help of some amazing companies to bring to YOU some Holiday Cheer & gifts!

It’s super simple to enter each day!

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  3. There are MULTIPLE ways to enter EACH giveaway so the more you do, the higher your chances of winning! :]
  4. Winner’s will be randomly selected 1 week after the giveaways end on December 27th!
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  6. Have fun & I hope you are introduced to some new products/companies as well as some of your favorites as well! XO

Day 10 of the 14 Days Of Giveaways 2017 is with my friends from EcoDrink!

IMG_4608 (1)

Personally, I LOVE adding drink mixes to my water…1) they taste good & 2) because it tastes good, I tend to drink more water! Win-win.

I tend to lean towards naturally sweetened drink mixes that are sweetened with Stevia & have some vitamins to add to my day so whenever I got connected with EcoDrink I couldn’t wait to get them on board for the giveaways this year!!

What is EcoDrink?

The EcoDrink Multivitamin drink mix is a healthy and convenient way to get your recommended daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals.

Charged with electrolytes and antioxidants to keep you hydrated and healthy, EcoDrink is a refreshing and delicious thirst quencher that provides energy and aids in muscle recovery to make the most of your outdoor workout.


EcoDrink Naturals can only be purchased on Amazon currently. The “natural” version is sweetened with Stevia! Love it.

Not only does EcoDrink want to giveaway this BPA-free water bottle & drink mixes to TWO winners but they also are sharing 4 benefits of working out outside below!


4 tips on taking your workout outside this time of year!

  1. It will make you happier. Exercise increases your endorphin levels to put you in a better mood, but the effect is heightened when exercising in the cold. Because you have to work harder in cold weather, your endorphin production is boosted even more than normal as is your happiness level.
  2. You’ll get a Vitamin D boost. About 80 to 90 percent of your vitamin D comes from the sun. With more time spent indoors during the winter, you can easily become vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D helps to keep your bones and immune system strong as well as gives an additional dose of happiness on top of what you are getting from your exercise.
  3. You’ll get sick less often. Some studies have found that regular outside exercise in the cold helps reduce the risk of flu by 20 to 30 percent. Through low-temperature training, the body adapts to the cold and, with time, strengthens the immune system against it.
  4. It pairs well with EcoDrink! duh.

Enter below for TWO winners (US only) for an EcoDrink prize pack!


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Thank you EcoDrink & Happy Holidays!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey