Easter and #PowerbowlADay Recap with a new #RESTWEEK challenge!

April 1, 2013 -
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Happy Monday all! I hope you had a great Easter Weekend!


I saw this on Facebook the other day & couldn’t resist to repost it.
I grew up with two rabbits as pets so this picture tugged at my heart strings a bit.


Lately I’ve been on such a puppy kick & can’t help but screen shot a bunch of these pictures lately.
How can you not smile while looking at that? Too cute!

While Easter can be about the bunnies, candy, easter egg hunts, & adorable dog pictures,
I was also very thankful for being able to spend the day with my family & boyfriend.
Growing up we would always go to church then go to my grandparents for our annual Easter Egg Hunt!
While times have changed, those memories will always remain Red heart


After mass, the boy & I headed to Whole Foods to grab some last minutes items while enjoying an amazing #plantPOWER lunch!
Base of Garlic & “cheesy” kale with beans, carrots, & roasted veggies – side of Kombucha Original! My favorite!

My sister-in-law now hosts most of the holiday’s & had us all over for Easter Sunday.
She is an amazing hostess and was running around all day with her apron, cardigan sweater, & pearls;
We joked that she looked like a 50’s housewife & it was too adorable!


Her table decorations are nothing short of beautiful & the Easter bunny napkins made the perfect touch!

Feel free to Pin that image for next years holiday Winking smile


Dinner was not only colorful, but loaded with flavor!

I had some quinoa chickpea salad, grilled zucchini & squash, green salad with veggies, cranberries, & almonds,
and I brought a NEW recipe to the mix – “Caramelized Brussel Sprouts with roasted carrots & pears”.

I will be sharing this recipe soon – talk about a perfect #PowerPLATE.
Also, a nice side of Red Wine was enjoyed Winking smile

I had an awesome time with my family & I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!


Today is also the day that I reveal the #PowerbowlADay Challenge Winners!

I cannot get over the creativity & effort that all of you made while posting your #Powerbowls every single day!

Whether you just followed along or participated via Challenge Loop or Instagram  – Thank you!
The challenge was definitely a success & I was thrilled to see so much participation.


Not only were you fueling your bodies,
but you were able to share your ideas with others in the challenge which lead to even more ideas.

I LOVED when I saw someone post that #Powerbowls were now part of her everyday lifestyle!

I find myself craving a big bowl of veggies & power every single day – you can’t go wrong!

Everyone did an amazing job and I wish you all could win a prize but the



Jessie Nieves won the Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina Prize Pack!


Jessica Marshall won a BN-SHAPE Slub Hoodie!


Tracie MacLaughlin won a BN-SHAPE Slub Hoodie as well!


Congrats to the winners & to everyone who participated in this March Challenge!

Also, thank you to Idea Fit & Challenge Loop for having me host this challenge.

A special shout-out & thank you to BN-SHAPE & Nutrex-Hawaii for donating these awesome prizes!


Even though this challenge has ended, please keep posting your #Powerbowls & tagging me in them –
because you know I will continue my daily #powerbowl consumption!


For the next big challenge, Heather & I are teaming up to bring to you #RESTWEEK.


“Take a rest week.”
How does that make you feel?
Anxious? Nervous? Jittery? Constricted? That’s why we’ve created #RESTWEEK for all of us: 

What is #RESTWEEK?

A 7-day challenge (April 8-14) for us to honor our bodies and our minds – no workout necessary!
We are doing this challenge right along with all YOU – to help us shed all of our body image hang-ups one moment at a time.

Heather will be offering some amazing tools that she uses on a daily basis that have totally transformed the way she thinks about her body. I will be dishing out awesome recipes that nourish and naturally cleanse the body. You won’t want to miss out on this.

If you decide to commit to it, this challenge WILL transform the way you think about your body! So, what do you say? Let’s do this!

You can sign up for the Newsletter [HERE] where we will walk you through day-by-day!


We’re obviously not advocating to sit all week & play video games, but simply just replacing that “need” to workout to look a certain way.

Sometimes we get caught up in the calorie/fat burn that we forget about the strength & health we are bringing to our bodies with workouts.

Heather & I want to help all of us work on ourselves & hopefully shed those negative body thoughts.

You can find the tool kit [here] on Heather’s post today & we will be updating you all week.

Trust me, we are not saying this will be easy for us –
this was one of OUR fears that we are challenging ourselves with
& we wanted to involve everyone that may have a similar fear!

Even if you’re just curious or not 100% sure, make sure to sign-up for the newsletter where we will be sending more information your way!

How was your Easter?

Do you find yourself making #powerbowls a daily thing?

Does taking 1 week off from working out scare you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Red heart Kasey